2016 MOFF Official Selections


Directed by: Bill Parks – New Zealand – Run Time: 100 minutes

Synopsis: RIVERING is an ode to the whitewater obsession. Filmed on the wild rivers of New Zealand, RIVERING is a very different kind of sports movie. Kayaking has taken me places no one else can go. It gets under your skin in a way no other sport I know does. It is an obsession. RIVERING is a film about passion for the outdoors that will resonate far beyond the paddling community.
Screening September 3 in The Forks


Directed by: Rush Sturges – Austria – Run Time: 80 minutes

Synopsis: When pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz makes the decision to paddle over Niagara Falls, he sets in motion an incredible series of events that eventually takes on a life of its own. Rafa and his friends go on a remarkable three-year journey from the Rainforest Rivers of Mexico to the towering waterfalls of the U.S. Northwest. Their journey concludes in Canada where the team plays a cat-and-mouse game with local police before Rafa’s mission comes to a heart stopping climax at the iconic Falls.
Screening September 9 in Bangor


Directed by: Maxine Davis – Minnesota, United States – Run Time: 66 minutes

Synopsis: It was tough. It was beautiful. It changed these girls in 1965 forever. “Women Outward Bound” is a documentary about how 1 month, 50 years ago, taught 24 girls they could do more than they ever thought possible.
Screening September 23 in Portland


Directed by: Directed by: Nick Waggoner – British Columbia, Canada – Run Time: 61 minutes 

Synopsis: Patagonia presents an hour-long documentary by Sweetgrass Productions depicting all sides of an epic struggle between backcountry protection and development in British Columbia’s iconic Jumbo Valley – highlighting the tension between protection of wilderness and the backcountry experience and ever-increasing development interests in wild places. Jumbo Wild features unprecedented documentation of all sides of this divisive issue bringing the passionate local fight to protect the Jumbo Valley to life for a global audience for the first time.
Screening September 8 in Ogunquit


Directed by: Iara Lee – Pakistan – Run Time: 55 minutes

Synopsis: Shot in stunning northern Pakistan, it is about the plight of the unsung heroes, the indigenous porters of majestic K2, the earth’s second-highest peak. Amid breathtaking scenery, the film depicts the everyday sacrifices of porters and the courage of those indigenous climbers who choose to return to scale K2 in spite of past tragedies.
Screening September 2 in Rangeley


Directed by: Sarah Katz – Run Time: 33 minutes – Maine, United States

Synopsis: Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan is a documentary that explores how the arrival of the nation’s largest private landowner impacts a small community in northern Maine and the largest forest east of the Mississippi.
Screening September 10 in Belfast

Directed by: Joel Osgood – Maine, United States – Run Time: 27 minutesSynopsis: Joel Osgood and his brother Moksha visit Maine’s lesser known, smaller ski mountains and in between hitting the slopes, interviews the hill owners and long time locals. This is a big-hearted project that shines a light on community, family, and healthy outdoor recreation.
Screening September 3 in The Forks and September 15 in Bethel

Directed by: Miroslav Haluza – Czech Republic – Run Time: 27 minutes

Synopsis: Tepui Dream is adventure movie about three friends who decided to make their child dream about journey to the highest waterfall on the Earth come true. This hard expedition will lead us through the impenetrable jungle and troubles in contemporary wild Venezuela to the top of Ayuan Tepui the mesa to see the legendary SALTO ANGEL waterfall.
Screening September 23 in Portland


Directed by: Nathan Myers – Bali – Run Time: 27 minutes

Synopsis: Shot on location here at Uluwatu Surf Villas, the documentary follows Gerry back to Uluwatu and G-Land for his first time in over 20 years, and nearly 40 years since his first visit.
Screening September 5 in South Portland and September 15 in Bethel


Directed by: Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski – Colorado, United States – Run Time: 15 minutes  

Synopsis: Bouldering champion, Angie Payne, leaves everything she knows beyond as she ventures deep into the French Polynesian jungle with veteran climber and explorer, Mike Libecki. Their objective, to put up a first ascent on the south face of the Poumaka Tower. Directors Andy Mann and Keith Ladzinski capture blood, sweat, and tears as the team climbs through mud and fear, into the unknown.
Screening September 3 in The Forks and September 17 in Freeport

FIP_PosterFirstButtress_ArtworkFALLING INTO PLACE
Directed by: Craig Stein – Colorado, United States – Run Time: 15 minutesSynopsis: Adventurous, hard-charging Danielle Lancelot Watson, makes a carefree decision to go rock climbing in Colorado. Nearly three hundred feet up a cliff face, the worst happens, as she is sent free falling to the ground. Miraculously, Danielle lives, the only person to survive a fall from such a height. Although her body was broken, her spirit has soared to even greater heights. Falling Into Place highlights Danielle’s new outlook on life. Her perseverance inspires us all.
Screening September 10 in Belfast
CHROME - Grizz Thumb 4 laurelsCHROME

Directed by: Jeremy Roberts – Montana, United States – Run Time: 12 minutes  

Synopsis: Salmon and steelhead bring the power of the ocean a thousand miles inland, but they also bring signs of troubled times. Follow obsessed steelhead fly anglers as they await the migration, the explosive hook.
Screening September 10 in Belfast

SOMETHING TO LIVE FORDirected by: Mick Follari – Colorado, United States – Run Time: 12 minutesSynopsis: Alpinist Mick Follari fled to the mountains from a tragic past, finding solace on alpine expeditions. His dreams of a climbing legacy are suddenly – and unexpectedly – interrupted by the impending birth of his child. He struggles to embrace a new life and a new identity, but not before a dangerous and remote expedition in Afghanistan.
Screening September 2 in Rangeley

Directed by: J Earle – Netherlands – Run Time: 9 minutes

Synopsis: Exploring the parallels between endurance and how we today, are living on the planet. Ultra marathon runner Matt Williamson shares personal insights from his dedication to endurance and how he has overcome challenges in becoming an international athlete. His story evokes emotion and combined with stunning imagery, this short film takes the viewer on an inspiring endurance adventure.
Screening September 2 in Rangeley and September 5 in South Portland


Directed by: Keith Malloy – Canada – Run Time: 8 minutes

Synopsis: This short film tells the story of Raph Bruhwiler who if its hunting season can be found in the forest tracking black tail deer when the surf is not all time. Vancouver Island is a pretty amazing place.
Screening September 3 in The Forks, September 5 in South Portland and September 15 in Bethel


Directed by: Felix Chamberlain – California, United States – Run Time: 8 minutes  

Synopsis: Brad Gobright and Scott Bennett will attempt three different routes up El Cap in 24 hours.

September 17 in Freeport


Directed by: Steve Underwood – Scarborough, Maine – Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: Maine’s rivers, lakes and ponds provide a plethora of opportunity for underwater photography expression.
September 5 in South Portland


Directed by: Ken Hess in partnership with Make A Wish Maine. – Maine – Run Time: 8 minutes

Synopsis: Brain cancer didn’t stop Wish Kid Morgan from designing the treehouse of her dreams.
September 5 in South Portland


Directed by: Chris Bartkowski – California, United States – Run Time: 8 minutes

Synopsis: On one of the best powder days of 2015, beloved Tahoe skier and photographer, Jason Abraham, caught an edge while skiing Squaw Valley’s notorious Palisade Main Chute and took a fall that would change the course of his and his family’s life forever. QUADRILYZED follows Jason as he navigates his new version of life as a quadriplegic, an athlete, a photographer, and above all else as a committed loving husband and father.
Screening September 17 in Freeport


Directed by: Jack Truman – Run Time: 6 minutes

Synopsis: THE OUTHOUSE is a shocking short documentary film about a 60-year-old woman and her backyard outhouse.
Screening September 3 in The Forks


Directed by: Amy Pellouchoud – United States – Run Time: 6 minutes

Synopsis: A girl stuck in a routine discovers a new found passion in running.
Screening September 5 in South Portland and September 8 in Ogunquit


Directed by: Greg Cairns- Colorado, United States – Run Time: 6 minutes

Synopsis: How do you show tribute to something that has given you everything? Last Thoughts On The Dirtbag is a poetic and visceral journey through the heart of a climber, in Indian Creek, the crack climbing Mecca of the world. With footage of some of the most classic climbs in The Creek, married with a rich and reflective poem, this film portrays the climber as a searcher, someone who is restless with the average American sedentary lifestyle, and desires for more.
Screening September 5 in South Portland and September 8 in Ogunquit


Directed by: Sean Webley – California, United States – Run Time: 6 minutes

Synopsis: Steven never planned to ride bulls professionally. But at age twenty-four, with his life spiraling out of control, his brother convinced him to try it and he was instantly hooked. Now he’s determined to win the Colorado state championship.
Screening September 8 in Ogunquit


Directed by: Jim Pattiz, Will Pattiz – United States – Run Time: 5 minutes

Synopsis: MTJP | Acadia is the culmination of several weeks spent exploring Acadia National Park during peak fall color. This film is, in part, a celebration of Acadia’s upcoming centennial. It is dedicated to renowned philanthropist and conservationist George Dorr. Sculpted by Glaciers and landscaped by beavers, Acadia is full of wonderfully unique features. Rounded mountains, tranquil ponds, rocky coastline, & some of the most beautiful trails in the world comprise this marvelous wonder.
Screening September 2 in Rangeley and September 15 in Bethel


Directed by: Claire Harbage – Maine – United States – Run Time: 5 minutes

Synopsis: A woman coming to terms with her experience of being stranded in the ocean.
September 10 in Belfast


Directed by: Philippe Woodtli – FR Switzerland – Run Time: 3 minutes

Synopsis: Acrophobia is about a BASE jumper that is afraid of heights. He has to overcome his deepest fear before every single jump.
Screening September 3 in The Forks and September 5 in South Portland


Directed by: David Wortley – London, United Kingdom – Run Time: 3 minutes

Synopsis: A visual experiment fusing light and white with kayaking and night. This short film combines freestyle kayaking with professional filming skills. Everything you see in this short is in camera, no CGI was used, and the combination of Electric Lights and water with kayaking and night makes for an amazing watch, everyone calls it TRON but on water!
Screening September 3 in The ForksSeptember 5 in South Portland and September 10 in Belfast


Directed by: Arthur Bell – Vermont, United States – Run Time: 3 minutes

Synopsis: The only good day this year on the lake.

Screening September 10 in Belfast and September 15 in Bethel


Directed by: Nathan King – United States – Run Time: 2 minutes

Synopsis: A man fishes, a mother sews, and a child intertwines her life with the sea.

Screening September 10 in Belfast

2016 Broke and Stoked Finalists


tumbling up tumbledownTUMBLING UP TUMBLEDOWN

Directed by: Abigail Bennett – Oxford- Run Time: 1 minute

Synopsis: A video using GoPro footage from my family’s day trip up and down Tumbledown Mountain.

Screening September 17 in Freeport

flyfishing nuancesFLY FISHING NUANCES

Directed by: Alex Poland – Oxford – Run Time: 2 minutes

Synopsis: A film about the small things that make fly fishing with family and friends unforgettable!

Screening September 15 in Bethel and September 17 in Freeport

Summer in Maine ScreenshotSUMMER IN MAINE

Directed by: Darren Lieu – Freeport – Run Time: 2 minutes

Synopsis: Fun activities in Maine.

Screening September 2 in Rangeley, September 5 in South Portland and September 17 in Freeport

counting down the hoursCOUNTING DOWN THE HOURS

Directed by: Directed by: Max Tullgren and Keaton Stone – South Berwick – Run Time: 3 minutes

Synopsis: Counting Down the Hours is a film about the variety of things we are able to do in the small section of Maine that we live in. As we get older we start to realize how lucky we are to live in such an amazing area that allows us to do everything that we love.
Screening September 8 in Ogunquit and September 17 in Freeport

maine winter bikingMAINE OCTOBER BIKING 2015

Directed by: Nathan Woodsum – Auburn- Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: Fall trail biking in Maine, is seriously fun!  This video includes segments from; bondbrook in Augusta, mt. apatite in Auburn, range pond in Poland, blackstrap preserve in Falmouth, bradbury in Pownal, androscoggin riverlands in Turner and the carrabassett valley trails.  Special thanks to all the trail builders and maintainers who make it all possible!

Screening September 17 in Freeport

maine winter campMAINE WINTER CAMP

Directed by: Randall Baker – Run Time: 4 minutes – Freeport

Synopsis: Backcountry skiing in the Longfellow Mtns. of Western Maine

Screening September 17 in Freeport and September 23 in Portland

from cumberlandFROM CUMBERLAND
Directed by: Andrew Burgess – Windham – Run Time: 4 minutesSynopsis: A music video featuring a reel of places and memories from my travels.
Screening September 10 in Belfast, September 17 in Freeport and September 23 in Portland

Directed by: Mike McVey – Millinocket – Run Time: 4 minutes

Screening September 3 in The Forks, September 9 in Bangor and September 17 in Freeport


Directed by: Corey Rubchinuk – Winthrop – Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: A fun little video of Pete and Dad exploring Maranacook Lake, in Winthrop Maine. Snorkeling to find sunken surprises and cute critters!

Screening September 9 in Bangor and September 17 in Freeport

limitless adventureLIMITLESS ADVENTURE

Directed by: Casey Nava – North Waterboro – Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: After almost losing my life in a car accident in 2013, I developed a “live every day like it’s your last”, mentality. Upon doing so, I realized humans are attracted to adventure and adventure is deeply rooted in all of us. It could be the unknown that intrigues us or simply the pleasure of  new experiences. Regardless of it’s roots- once you adventure, it becomes addictive. Follow me on my journey of Limitless Adventure in 2015-16.
Screening September 5 in South Portland and September 17 in Freeport