Belfast – 9/10/16

MOFF in Belfast  


30 minutes after sunset

Waterfall Arts

256 High St, Belfast, Maine 04915

$10 suggested donation

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*subject to change

CHROME - Grizz Thumb 4 laurelsCHROME

Directed by: Jeremy Roberts – Montana, United States – Run Time: 12 minutes  

Synopsis: Salmon and steelhead bring the power of the ocean a thousand miles inland, but they also bring signs of troubled times. Follow obsessed steelhead fly anglers as they await the migration, the explosive hook.



CHROME – Official Trailer from Conservation Hawks on Vimeo.

from cumberlandFROM CUMBERLAND

Directed by: Andrew Burgess – Windham – Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: A music video featuring a reel of places and memories from my travels.



Directed by: David Wortley – London, United Kingdom – Run Time: 3 minutes

Synopsis: A visual experiment fusing light and white with kayaking and night. This short film combines freestyle kayaking with professional filming skills. Everything you see in this short is in camera, no CGI was used, and the combination of Electric Lights and water with kayaking and night makes for an amazing watch, everyone calls it TRON but on water!


FIP_PosterFirstButtress_ArtworkFALLING INTO PLACE

Directed by: Craig Stein – Colorado, United States – Run Time: 15 minutes

Synopsis: Adventurous, hard-charging Danielle Lancelot Watson, makes a carefree decision to go rock climbing in Colorado. Nearly three hundred feet up a cliff face, the worst happens, as she is sent free falling to the ground. Miraculously, Danielle lives, the only person to survive a fall from such a height. Although her body was broken, her spirit has soared to even greater heights. Falling Into Place highlights Danielle’s new outlook on life. Her perseverance inspires us all.


“Falling Into Place – Trailer” from Craig Stein on Vimeo.


Directed by: Nathan King – United States – Run Time: 2 minutes

Synopsis: A man fishes, a mother sews, and a child intertwines her life with the sea.




Directed by: Claire Harbage – Maine – United States – Run Time: 5 minutes

Synopsis: A woman coming to terms with her experience of being stranded in the ocean.




Directed by: Sarah Katz – Run Time: 33 minutes – Maine, United States

Synopsis: Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan is a documentary that explores how the arrival of the nation’s largest private landowner impacts a small community in northern Maine and the largest forest east of the Mississippi.



Mooshead’s Wicked Good Plan from Sarah Katz on Vimeo.


Directed by: Arthur Bell – Vermont, United States – Run Time: 3 minutes

Synopsis: The only good day this year on the lake.





Directed by: J Earle – Netherlands – Run Time: 9 minutes

Synopsis: Exploring the parallels between endurance and how we today, are living on the planet. Ultra marathon runner Matt Williamson shares personal insights from his dedication to endurance and how he has overcome challenges in becoming an international athlete. His story evokes emotion and combined with stunning imagery, this short film takes the viewer on an inspiring endurance adventure.