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The Maine Outdoor Film Festival

July 28 through August 14, 2022
Portland, Maine


What a festival!

Fantastic launch party with so many new connections forged, a rained out opening night (but! So sweet that filmmakers from all over the USA came to our garage for the pop-up screening!), an informative panel at GMRI (now we all know what anadromous fish are!), talking shop around the fire with delicious Baxter beer. Our Deering High screening premiered the magnificent AS WE ARE from the Smooth Feather team, and so wonderful to see high school filmmakers present their work. Weekend Two at the lovely Eastern Prom brought nightly lightning shows over the ocean and almost 150 attendees each night at such a special venue. Then Weekend Three at Apres with the fun with wind, the talented panelists, the MOFF Field Day (thank you Maine Outdoor Brands for sharing the vision!), and the close of the festival as our team shared pizza in the parking lot on a folding table.

Thanks to all the filmmakers, attendees, sponsors, volunteers, venues (and their staff!) and onlookers who made it all so special. A heartfelt, deep appreciation for you all!


The MOFF Team

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