2021 Holiday Virtch & Merch

11/21 – The Queen’s Planet

Available November 21, 2021

About This Project

THE QUEEN’S PLANET is a block of short outdoor adventure films all centered around women. Watch as these innovators, record-breakers, and dream-chasers channel the very spirit that MOFF was created to celebrate.

Pay-what-you-can to watch on our virtual platform starting 11/21/21.

Part of our 2021 Holiday Virtch and Merch.

THE QUEEN’S PLANET Features these films:

SCHOOLIES – 4.75 minutes – by Camden Spear – from Maine
Short synopsis: Charlie, Kelsey and Hannah are female anglers who also happen to be medical students. In the midst of their busy school schedules, these future physicians root themselves in fly fishing, a male dominated sport, and recharged amidst their beloved striped bass fishery. Schoolies conveys the importance of pushing past barriers and finding one’s inner grit.

THE FUNNY RUNNER – 20 minutes – by Rob Steger – from CO
Short synopsis: After quitting her job to pursue her dream of running professionally, Brittany Charboneau quickly found herself not having any fun with the sport she loved. Was there really only one path to success in becoming a professional runner or could Brittany throw away everything and do things her own way?

DISTANT DHARMA – 16 minutes – by Annemarie Hennes – from United States
Short synopsis: In March of 2020, world-class endurance athlete Rebecca Rush set out to ride a fat bike 350 miles across the frozen Alaskan wilderness. The Iditarod Trail Invitational promised the challenge of a lifetime but after an early mistake, Rebecca’s race takes on new meaning as she emerges from the trail into a global pandemic.

DURGA: FORGING A NEW TRAIL – 20.47 minutes – by Emily Hopcian – from Michigan
Short synopsis: 34-year-old Durga Rawal is the only guide of any gender from her village in northern Nepal. In a country where gender roles are well-defined, DURGA is a story of defying cultural, societal and familial expectations to pursue an independent life.

THE SEA FARMERS – 9.13 minutes – by Nathan Golon, Emilie Silvestri – from Maine
Short synopsis: All Amanda did was give Emily one floating line of rope in the ocean, but that action sparked a livelihood. Amanda’s small gesture of kindness allowed Emily to imagine a life on the water she hadn’t considered before: as an oyster farmer.

RIDE MAINE: CAPE ELIZABETH – 3 minutes – by Greg O’Connor – from Maine
Short synopsis: Cape Elizabeth is home to some of the most scenic mountain biking trails in Maine, with wide open fields, long wood bridges, and ocean views. Follow Megan, a local, along for a ride through the many trails the Cape has to offer.

GOAT LADY – 11.3 minutes – by Jenny Johnson – from Auburn, Maine
Short synopsis: Goats led her to the trees, where she found her life’s work.

GO JOSIE – 12 minutes – by Gingerly Films – from Charlotte, NC
Short synopsis: An overachieving Asian-American woman quits her dream job to pursue a career as a paracyclist, single-handedly.

ABILITY – 9 minutes – by Anna Wilder Burns – from Portland, Maine
Short synopsis: ABILITY shares the story of Team USA Paracyclist Clara Brown, exploring the obstacles she faces in pursuit of athletic greatness as a walking quadriplegic and shifting the narrative around para-athletes.

THE GHOST – 15 minutes – by Carlo Nasisse, Maria Luisa Santos – from Athens, Georgia (Based in Mexico City)
Short synopsis: Heather Anderson may be the greatest hiker to ever walk the earth – and yet she has remained a mysterious figure to most. In this short documentary we explore Heather’s personal journey from unknown hiker to the holder of some of the most coveted records in the hiking world.


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2021 Holiday Virtch & Merch