Ride Maine: Cape Elizabeth

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Greg O’Connor

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Cape Elizabeth is home to some of the most scenic mountain biking trails in Maine, with wide open fields, long wood bridges, and ocean views. Follow Megan, a local, along for a ride through the many trails the Cape has to offer.

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8/8/21 – The St. Croix Program

Filmmaker Bio:

I (Greg) live in Maine and work full time as a mechanical engineer. Filmmaking and photography are my passion and I aspire to do them professionally someday.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

This film is part of my passion project to create a short vignette for each mountain biking trail network in Maine. Megan lives in Cape Elizabeth, loves leading group rides through her home trails and shooting sunset photos.

8/8 Eastern Promenade, The Queen's Planet Program