2021 Holiday Virtch & Merch

11/28 – Pedal and Pow

Available November 28, 2021

About This Project

PEDAL AND POW is a block of short outdoor films about biking, skiing and snowboarding. From the Arizona desert to the peaks of New England, follow these athletes over hills, down slopes and off jumps as they tell their stories.

Pay-what-you-can to watch on our virtual platform starting 11/28/21.

Part of our 2021 Holiday Virtch and Merch.

PEDAL AND POW features these films:

BLIND FAITH – 25.66 minutes – by Graeme Meiklejohn – from BC 
Short synopsis: Mac Marcoux is one of Canada’s most decorated para-athletes. Now, after a year sidelined by injury and skiing with a new, unproven guide, he will attempt to redefine himself as a skier by taking his racing pedigree into Whistler Blackcomb’s extreme alpine terrain. His goal is to do more than just ski lines that are impressive for a blind person, Mac wants to change the way people see adaptive athletes.

NEVER IN THE WAY – 6 minutes – by Colin Jones , Anthill Films – from United States
Short synopsis: Chicago-based bike messenger Nico Deportago-Cabrera departs from the hectic bustle of his normal life by venturing into the Arizona desert, an unknown landscape that’s starkly different from the daily chaos of the city. Guided only by the spirit of adventure, he finds something you only get when you’re far from what you know: perspective.

MADE BACK EAST – 22 minutes – by Vagrants – from Back East
Short synopsis: This film follows six skiers’ love affair with backcountry skiing in our own backyard. To us, the mark of a true New England skier is a deep appreciation for the bad days just as much as the good ones. As they say, “If you can ski the northeast, you can ski anywhere.”

BORN FROM JUNK – 14.5 minutes – by Mike Horn, Galin Foley – from CO
Short synopsis: Born From Junk traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte, where a crew of unlikely pioneers in pursuit of wild times in the mountains blossomed into a global phenomenon.

WITHOUT A PADDLE – 40 minutes – by Nick Khattar, Johan Rosen – from Canada
Short synopsis: Four intrepid snowboarders seek to retrace a portion of explorer David Thompson’s path down the Columbia River during one of the coldest snaps in local recorded history. Surreal frozen landscapes, epic paddling, deep powder riding, and a lot of pain. WITHOUT A PADDLE is a canoe film about snowboarding.

THE PATH LESS PAVED – 9 minutes – by Colin Jones – from Canada
Short synopsis: Cyclers frequently grapple with the concept of limits. Road cyclists yearn for greater backcountry freedom beyond the pavement. Mountain bikers love the thrill of the descent, but also ponder how many more mountains they could reach in a single day. Different bikes suit different needs, but what if there was one bike to journey anywhere?


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MOFF 2021 Holiday Virtch & Merch