Go Josie

2021 MOFF Official Selection

About This Project


Gingerly Films

Total Running Time:


Filming Location:

San Diego, CA

Filmmaker Origin:

Charlotte, NC


An overachieving Asian-American woman quits her dream job to pursue a career as a paracyclist, single-handedly.

This film to be screened:

7/31/21 – The Saco Program

Filmmaker Bio:

Cinematographer David N Stiles grew up in NH and now lives in Charlotte NC where he owns Gingerly Films. He did not go to film school. Instead learned on set, by trial and error and from Youtube. Director Tobias Ohlsson is from Sweden and studied at NYU. He has a 3 year working visa with Gingerly Films and once the border is open he and his wife will be moving to Charlotte, NC. Izzy Olgaard, Nate Mcglynn and Chad Hall rounded out the production team. Izzy is the Smartest, Nate is the Strongest, and Chad is the Fastest (Seriously look him up). Pearl Izumi, Shimano and Lazer made this film possible and they deserve all the credit for supporting these athletes and their stories.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

Cinematographer David N Stiles met Josie, her boyfriend Taylor and their dog Kadar in a van down by the Green River in at Mineral Bottom in Utah and decided to make the film that day. The night before production was scheduled to start Josie and Taylor had 4 bikes and 3 surfboards stolen from their garage in San Diego luckily all the parts and frame for Josie’s new gravel bike were in their bedroom.

7/31 Eastern Promenade, The Queen's Planet Program