In Maine

2019 MOFF Selection

About This Project


Ray and Alicia Alba

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United States


A travel film showcasing the beauty of Maine’s coastline, how this state can form everlasting bonds and replenish your soul.

From the Filmmakers:

A bit of background; we are an average family of four that produces family adventure films, mainly of our travels skiing. It has been a super hobby, as we still have day jobs. Our film series showcases the many places we visit, whether it be skiing, hiking or sailing. Through visuals and narratives, our films not only show the beauty of being on adventures together, but also inspire other families to get outside and enjoy times together. We believe our message is an important one in this day and age; unplugging and getting outdoors, and embracing family to make family bonds that many of us have lost. The end results are better than what any commercial could do, because they are real and authentic experiences.

Our goal is to inspire families to get outdoors, connect with their kids, nature and activities that they can do together. So much of that is lost now and given the nature of where we live and work, access to nature is hard to do. We find that our children are more relaxed in the woods, on the water, skiing down slopes and we believe that if it is good for us, it might be good for others.

This project of ours started as a result of not having enough video footage of our oldest son Rocky who sadly passed away now 12 years ago from complications presented when he was baby. Knowing that, we sort of made it a mission to record as much as possible our kids doing all sorts of things, putting them into small clips that were then sent to family. In 2011, we saw a body of work by filmmaker Jordan Manley and we both said, “we want to be that good” and reached out to him. Jordan still talks to us today. Our biggest inspiration for adventure films would be Warren Miller, the man that invented the ski film. Coincidentally, Ray shares Warren Miller’s Birthday of October 15th.

This film to be screened at:

8/31/2019 – Eastern Promenade – Portland – (FB Event)

2019, 8/31 Eastern Prom