2021 MOFF Official Selection

About This Project


Eric & Andrew Braker

Total Running Time:


Filming Location:


Filmmaker Origin:

Brookeville, Maryland

This film to be screened:

“8/5/21 – The Androscoggin Program”


A personal overview and reflection of the Braker brothers’ love for their home watershed— the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It’s a view into how things have changed and how two pivotal species can distinguish the health of this massive ecosystem.

Filmmaker Bio:

Andrew and Eric Braker are both from Brookeville, Maryland. Eric (22) has just graduated from Susquehanna University and is pursuing a career in real estate marketing as well as business storytelling with his own video marketing agency. Andrew (26) has just graduated with a masters degree from Johns Hopkins and has moved to Fort Collins, CO to pursue a career in environmental studies and public policy. A Journey Upstream was the first of many films to expect from these brothers.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

“A Journey Upstream was truly a passion project for the Braker brothers. There was no budget raised for this film, as it was their first large scale short film. Whenever they could get a break from studying, they would head out on the water to gather footage.

The film was really a product of COVID-19. In this one very specific way, COVID was a blessing in disguise because it gave the brothers extended time together to plan the story and begin the shooting process. Because almost all scenes of this film were outdoors, it made filming possible during that hectic time.

A Journey Upstream was awarded the Lefty Kreh youth award at the Fly Fishing Film Tour 2021, which is named after a legendary Maryland-born fly-fishing angler and conservationist. ”

8/5 Eastern Promenade