Hidden Wild

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Day’s Edge Productions

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Behind the homes and freeways of suburban Palm Beach County, an incredible network of swamps, scrub, and waterways lies waiting to be discovered. Join science educator Alex Freeze as she takes three South Florida students on an expedition to discover the wilderness hidden in their own backyards.

This film to be screened:

8/5/21 – The Androscoggin Program

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

Benji Studt, the Public Outreach Program Supervisor at Palm Beach County (PBCERM) was the mastermind behind this educational film project, Hidden Wild. Benji’s inspiration was his own upbringing in south Florida, where he spent more of his days exploring the woods around his house than learning about them in a textbook. That was his goal with this film: to inspire young Floridians to love their backyard by trying to spark their interest into taking that first step into the mud, and opening up a vast new world for them to spend the rest of their lives exploring. In an effort to update the local environmental curriculum and truly inspire students, Benji wanted students to live the experience and tell the story themselves. We worked with Benji and his team to find three local teens who were “adventure ready” but eco-novices, and lead them on a trek through the connected wilderness that still exists here in the Palm Beaches–70 miles in 7 days…hiking, biking and paddling.

8/5 Eastern Promenade