2020 Extra Credit Adventure Edit Finalist

About This Project

Film Title:



Nature Meditation, Maine


Dylan Ladds, Dooster

Film’s Geographic Origin:

Belfast, Maine

Filmmaker Bio:

Dylan is a filmmaker based in Portland, ME. He and his childhood friend Ryan Scura make up Dooster – a production company specializing in short documentary films, especially in the outdoor adventure world. He loves rowing and sailing, traditional music, and smoothie bowls.



From the Filmmaker:

“I’ve been involved with Atlantic Challenge – an international youth traditional seamanship competition – for many years. We row and sail these big wooden boats called Bantry Bay Gigs. This maritime world has a beautiful crossover with the traditional music world, and after Elsie got involved with rowing, she wrote this song. To me, this film is a perfect fusion of some of the most important parts of my life. It feels especially potent right now, reminding us of the physical togetherness from which we currently have to abstain, and reinforcing the notion that a slower, more deliberate rhythm could be a healthy adjustment for the world moving forward.
Huge thanks to MOFF for putting this mini-festival together and selecting my film as a finalist.”

This film to be screened at:

8/09/20 – Urban Farm Fermentory – Portland

10/16 Freeport, 8/22 Edgecomb, 8/28 Stonington, 8/9 Urban Farm Fermentory, Extra Credit Adventure Edit