2020 Extra Credit Adventure Edit Finalist

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Nature Meditation, Maine


Audience Award – Nature Meditation – Presented by CLYNK


Peter Ackerman

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Filmmaker Bio:

“My name is Peter Ackerman, 24-year old Danish-American filmmaker.

Growing up in rural Maine and studying film in Vermont, the woods and waters have been an integral part of my life. My work aims to capture the ways in which we understand ourselves as part of nature, as well as removed from it — I see the human-nature relationship as central to understanding the human experience. Just as humans, I believe that all natural environments contain a bounty of narratives, my hope is to find understanding and insight amongst these entangled stories. ”



From the Filmmaker:

“After reading his book Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death I decided to try reaching out to Bernd Heinrich via e-mail. To my amazement, he responded within the hour. I asked if I might be able to interview him about death nature; he responded by inviting me and my friend Will to his solar-powered log cabin off the grid in Maine for an interview, a meal, and a night’s stay in his guest cabin (often used for visiting college classes). What transpired was an unforgettable experience with one of our countries most inspiring naturalist’s, in my eyes.

MOFF has been an important part of my Maine film experience. It’s given me a platform to share my work, and is an organization that I am very proud to be a part of when possible, as I share many of MOFF’s values.

This contest was a great motivation for me to get back to doing something creative during this stifling period of quarantine we are all in. ”

This film to be screened at:

8/09/20 – Urban Farm Fermentory – Portland

8/28 Stonington, 8/9 Urban Farm Fermentory, Extra Credit Adventure Edit