August 13 to 15, 2020

Narrow Gauge Drive-In

Farminton, Maine
Join the Maine Outdoor Film Festival in Farmington, for an evening of outdoor adventure and conservation films at the Narrow Gauge Drive-In

Two Dates: Friday, August 13, 2021, Saturday August 14 and Sunday August 15, 2021
Time: Gate opens: 8:00PM
Films: 8:30PM
Admission: $15 Per Vehicle.
Ticket Link:
Location: 123 Narrow Gauge Square, Farmington, ME 04938

Program Notes: The film program will last about two hours.
This event will adhere to the prevailing State and Local Safety Guidelines (including social distancing, crowd limits and face mask recommendations).
Film program is subject to change.


Scheduled Program:
BORN FROM JUNK – 14.5 minutes – by Mike Horn, Galin Foley – from CO – Short synopsis: Born From Junk traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte, where a crew of unlikely pioneers in pursuit of wild times in the mountains blossomed into a global phenomenon.
JEFF LABREE | MAINE GUIDE – 5.2 minutes – by Lone Spruce Creative – from Maine – Short synopsis: This film explores what it means to be a registered guide in the North Maine woods.
THE MAROON BOMBER – 9.95 minutes – by Joshua M. Thomas – from California – Short synopsis: Four siblings delve into the love they share for the family’s old, beat up truck. This love gets tested.
THE SEA FARMERS – 9.13 minutes – by Nathan Golon & Emilie Silvestri, GoodFight Media – from Portland, Maine – Short synopsis: All Amanda did was give Emily one floating line of rope in the ocean, but that action sparked a livelihood. Amanda’s small gesture of kindness allowed Emily to imagine a life on the water she hadn’t considered before: as an oyster farmer.
FAKA’APA’APA – 14.1 minutes – by Scott Sporleder – from California – Short synopsis: In the years since Tonga banned whale hunting, an important piece of the local economy has become swimming with whales. But will this new form of ecotourism be sustainable?
THE GHOST – 15 minutes – by Carlo Nasisse, Maria Luisa Santos – from Athens, Georgia (Based in Mexico City) – Short synopsis: Heather Anderson may be the greatest hiker to ever walk the earth – and yet she has remained a mysterious figure to most. In this short documentary we explore Heather’s personal journey from unknown hiker to the holder of some of the most coveted records in the hiking world.
THE LONG GAME – 5.33 minutes – by Herman Mantis, Inc. – from PORTLAND – Short synopsis: Resiliency takes many forms in this story of overcoming obstacles, finding hope in devastation and transforming adversity into positive action. Nature is powerful, healing, humbling and a vital human right. Follow Ryan Dunfee on his journey to recovery through the power of the Maine wilderness and the lessons learned along the way.
THE FERRYMAN – 8.4 minutes – by Carlo Nasisse – from Athens, Georgia (Lives in Mexico City) – Short synopsis: Greg Caruso’s office is an 18 foot canoe on a remote section of Maine’s Kennebec River. Greg is a ferryman for hikers completing the 2,190 mile long Appalachian Trail. This documentary short explores Greg’s lifelong connection to rivers, and his occupation that is defined by a simple and beautiful daily passage across the Kennebec River.
MORE THAN A MOUNTAIN – 37.6 minutes – by Maine Mountain Media – from Maine – Short synopsis: A short feature that follows the Saddleback comeback journey and the resort’s vision for a vibrant future.