More than a Mountain

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Maine Mountain Media

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A short feature that follows the Saddleback comeback journey and the resort’s vision for a vibrant future.

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7/30/21 – The Penobscot Program

Filmmaker Bio:

Both in our early 30s, we live in the mid-coast region now. We travel all around New England (and sometimes farther) shooting photographs and video full-time. Short video productions closer to one or two minutes are common from us, so this project was far and away our largest undertaking to date. It was a welcomed challenge and this project has only further developed our desire to be producing short films.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

I think the most interesting thing about making this film is that both producers, Spencer Mendell and I (Paul Friedman) worked at the mountain from 2009-2015 when they closed. We shot most or all of the photography and video for the marketing office during those years. Because of this, it was truly an honor and privilege to be invited back to tell the story of Saddleback’s revival. It also placed us in the lucky position of having years of footage logged away for us to fall back on. It also meant we had a personal connection with many of the people involved in the process. It brought many smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes while drafting and editing this film, and we hope the passion from us and countless others is portrayed in the final product.

7/30 Eastern Promenade