To Row and Let Go

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Doug Welch, Maine Island Trail Association

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Filmmaker Origin:

Portland, Maine


MITA Executive Director Doug Welch started ocean rowing, built a wooden boat, and set out on an island adventure. He packed a video camera throughout, compressing three years into 30 minutes. As he navigates both nature and his own life, Welch presents a rich portrait of the Maine Island Trail and the adventures it inspires.

This film to be screened:

7/30/21 – The Penobscot Program

Filmmaker Bio:

Doug is the executive director of the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) and this is his second island camping adventure film.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

To Row And Let Go is an inspirational film about building a boat and rowing it among Maine’s wild islands.

7/30 Eastern Promenade