The Unseen Mountains

2018 MOFF Selection

About This Project


Nicole Ellena, Erick Vigouroux

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The Unseen Mountains is a documentary that seeks to discover the Nahuelbuta mountain range through the descent in kayak of one of its most emblematic rivers: the Carampangue. The journey will initiate from the birth of the river to to the mouth in order to highlight the natural richness of this territory, while also seeking to emphasize how the expansive forestry industry has had a profound environmental and social impact. In Spanish with English subtitles.

This film to be screened at:

9/01/18 – Three Rivers – The Forks, ME  (FB Event)
9/06/18 – STAR Theatre – Kittery, ME  (FB Event)
9/28/18 – The Camden Snow Bowl Trail Festival – Camden, ME  (FB Event)


La Otra Cordillera (teaser) from MVMT on Vimeo.

9/1 The Forks, 9/28 Camden, 9/6 Kittery