Fly Girls

2018 Broke and Stoked Finalist

About This Project

This film is a 2018 Broke and stoked Finalist

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Film Title:

Fly Girls


Phoebe Parker



Day Job/Title:

Transitioning from restaurants to freelance creating.


In its second year, the Girls Mountain Bike Camp put on by the Portland Gear Hub teaches girls ten to fourteen years old about biking and mechanic skills.

This film to be screened at:

8/17/18 – Broke and Stoked Showcase at the T3 Life Happens Outside Festival – Freeport, ME  (FB Event)
9/01/18 – Three Rivers – The Forks, ME  (FB Event)
9/27/18 – Down East Gallery – Edgecomb, ME  (FB Event)

From the Filmmaker:

Since moving to Maine a few years ago, my love for making films and my love for being outdoors have both budded and grown. I was excited to have a reason to create a project that combined the two and am thrilled to be a finalist!

8/17 Freeport, 9/1 The Forks, 9/27 Edgecomb