2018 MOFF Selection

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Nicolas Teichrob, Kye Petersen

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Awed and attracted, fearful yet fascinated. overwhelmed, but ultimately inspired. He is one of the most aggressive and talented freeskiers of our age. Born and raised in the BC backcountry, with a bloodline alive with adventure, and a style carved from the landscape itself, Kye Petersen is about to blow the doors off of big mountain skiing. Into the mystery of the supernatural, where connectivity with the wilds, brings the purest state of being. A 50 minute ski film starring Kye Petersen with Logan Pehota, Dane Tudor, Wiley Miller, Matty Richard, Callum Petit, Chris Ruebens, Pep Fujas, Ryland Bell, and Tatum Monod.

This film to be screened at:

9/29/18 – FEATURES SATURDAY – 7:00pm Talbot Auditorium (USM) – Portland, ME  (FB Event)


From the filmmakers:

Numinous won the Ski Movie of the Year, Skier of the Year for Kye Petersen, Best Cinematography, Best Post Production in the ski industry this year. The definition of Numinous is what we all seek outdoors, come find it in our film.

9/29 Portland