After the Man

2018 MOFF Selection

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Kalle Bailey, Alec Salisbury, Ben Freeman

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After over two decades on the beaches of Baja; renowned Roosterfish guide Grant Hartman has refined the hunt for the legendary “Grande”. A notoriously difficult fish to catch, the Roosterfish requires an angler to spend days in the hot sun running up and down the beach, often casting against heavy surf and into fierce wind. Only a select group of guides have mastered the technique to consistently land ‘Roosters’ in this way, and Grant has been a pioneer throughout the process. His passion for fishing is only paralleled by his love for the ocean and for time spent with his family.

This film to be screened at:

9/22/18 – Baxter Brewing Co. – Lewiston, ME  (FB Event)
9/27/18 – Down East Gallery – Edgecomb, ME  (FB Event)
10/2/18 – WCCC – Calais, ME  (FB Event)

10/2 Calais, 9/22 Lewiston, 9/27 Edgecomb