2020 MOFF Official Selection

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Special Note:

United States Premiere


Say Mahalo

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Filming Location:

In Italy, at Lago di Resia

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“Just Be” is a short movie about the art of living wide rather than living long. “Life’s short, they say. But…maybe it’s just long enough, if you live it right.” This line from the movie is a variation of thoughts from the philosopher Seneca, who basically said, that if you live a fulfilled life, it doesn’t matter, how long it lasts. Reading his words left such a deep impression on me that I knew I had to make art out of his thoughts – especially in recent day, where everyone is always busy. So I made this short movie about our daily struggles, about passions, the love for mother nature, about freedom and about living a fulfilled life. Yes, it’s two girls mountainbiking, but the message is transferable to everyone, no matter which activity you choose outdoors.

Thoughts from the filmmaker:

I made this film to inspire people to live life to the fullest. To not postpone their needs, their dreams and whatever makes them happy. To make space every day for things, that truly make them happy. And as I deeply believe nature gives us everything we need as humans, this film is about finding peace and fulfillment in the outdoors. It was actually my very first project filming mountainbikers and working with camera gear in the mountains. I was tired of all the event documentaitions I was doing for companies at that time. So this film was a passion project to give my career a new direction towards storytelling, nature and sports. And it worked! I havn’t done one event film since then and I’m working for great ourdoor companies now.

This film to be screened at:

7/30/20 – Late Show – Thompson’s Point – Portland

10/10 Carrabassett Valley, 7/30 Thompons Point Late Show, 8/21 Casco, 8/29 Schoodic, MOFF 2020