A Jump Across the Atlantic

2018 MOFF Selection

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David Jackel

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United States


The de Koning family immigrated from Holland to farm mussels in Maine with the same techniques they’ve been using for seven generations. Their success depends on the heartiness of their crew and the conservation of the rugged Maine coastline they’ve made their home. GAA Films creates documentary short films that highlight the untold stories of people who love, fight for, or are transformed by aquaculture.

This film to be screened at:

8/31/18 – Rangeley Lakeside Theatre – Rangeley, ME  (FB Event)
9/20/18 – John Bapst High School Auditorium – Bangor, ME  (FB Event)

From Producer Becky Holt:

Our film aims to show that aquaculture/fish farming/seafood farming can be done sustainability and with great care for the pristine beauty of nature. The most difficult part of making the film was being up on the boat and avoiding getting the gear wet.

8/31 Rangeley, 9/20 Bangor