The Gilded Trap

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Ashley Siana

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THE GILDED TRAP profiles Jamien Hallowell, a young Maine lobster fisherman, and Dr. Richard Wahle, a marine biologist studying the changing lobster population within the Gulf of Maine. The film depicts the shallow and sheltered Gulf of Maine as a microcosm of climate change as it is experiencing an array of ecological changes.

This film to be screened:

7/29/21 – The Kennebec Program

Special Note:

World Premiere

Filmmaker Bio:

Ashley has a background in marine science and uses filmmaking as a tool to tell stories about environmental changes that are impacting fisheries as well as the unique cultures that are tied to those fisheries.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

1.) The filmmaker obtained all underwater footage on scuba with the help of University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center, specifically Dr. Richard Wahle and his team of scientific divers.
2.) No crew members or subjects were pinched by lobsters during the making of the film.
3.) The most difficult part of the film was not being able to cover all of the extensive, interesting, and concerning environmental changes occurring in the Gulf of Maine due to increasing water temperatures.

7/29 Eastern Promenade