Chu Bien

2019 MOFF Selection

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Daniel Holz, Kaare Iverson

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VIetnam / Colorado


Set amidst the emerald waters and soaring limestone islets of coastal Vietnam, Captain “Chu” Bien spends more time in a modest boat at sea than at home. Embodying simplicity-the items he uses daily can be counted on one hand-he confirms that happiness and fulfillment are found in the relationships we forge, not the things we accumulate.

This film to be screened at:

8/24/2019 – Riverbank Park – Westbrook – (FB Event)
9/07/2019 – Camden Snow Bowl – Camden – (FB Event)
9/12/2019 – STAR Theatre – Kittery – (FB Event)
9/14/2019 – Down East Gallery – Edgecomb – (FB Event)

2019, 8/24 Cow Island, 9/12 Kittery, 9/14 Edgecomb, 9/7 Camden