August 24, 2022

Riverbank Park

Westbrook, Maine
Join the Maine Outdoor Film Festival, presented by Baxter Brewing, in Westbrook for an evening of outdoor adventure and conservation films shown under the stars at Riverbank Park.

Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Time: Doors: 7:00PM,
Films: 8:00PM
Admission: Suggested Donation $10 on Eventbrite
Location: Riverbank Park, Main St, Westbrook, ME
Presented by: Discover Downtown Westbrook, Westbrook Arts & Culture, Westbrook Recreation & Conservation Commission and the Westbrook Chamber of Commerce
Program Notes: The film program will last about two hours, including a 10-minute intermission.
Please bring your own camp chair and/or blanket.
Rain Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Scheduled Program:

MANDATORY GEAR 15.7 minutes – by Emily Hopcian – from Michigan – Short synopsis: Three women and one man challenge history and stereotypes in adventure racing, competing as a reverse co-ed team in Expedition Oregon, North America’s toughest race.

A PAINTING FROM THE EARTH 15.8 minutes – by Jeshua Soucy – from Maine – Short synopsis: The story of a young artist who transforms natural material from the earth into a painting of an old log cabin.

MARDI & THE WHITES 11.45 minutes – by Paula Champagne – from Massachusetts – Short synopsis: Mardi has a rich relationship with nature that has evolved and deepened throughout her life. In the last 20 years she’s dedicated much of her time to exploring the landscape in the White Mountains (unfortunately coined “The Whites” by New Englanders) on Abenaki land. In that time Mardi summited all forty-eight 4,000 footers multiple times, often as the only Black person on the mountain. She has experienced great joy from communing with this landscape, but the overwhelmingly white hiking community that is so seeped in white supremacy and colonialism complicates her experiences. Recently, she has focused on creating more opportunities for Black folks to join her in appreciating this magnificent wilderness. Enjoying this land with her community has been a liberating balm that has strengthened her sense of identity as an outdoorswoman.“Mardi & the whites” is a peek into Mardi’s relationship with the White Mountains, the great outdoors, and the community that surrounds them; Above all, it’s a celebration of Black liberation in the wild.

BACKYARD BIRDING 2.6 minutes – by Brian Goding – from Maine – Short synopsis: The birding world deserves a hero… Well, here she is.

DAY TRIPPER 5.9 minutes – by Connor Davis – from Maine – Short synopsis: Day Tripper is a New England ski adventure with three simple goals: 1) Ski as much as possible 2) See as much as possible 3) Get home before bedtime. We’re happy to have you along for the ride.

THE STORY OF A TROUT 12 minutes – by Gareth Leah – from Alaska – Short synopsis: How do you measure the success of one’s life? Though often hard to swallow, the reality for most people is that material wealth is the yardstick to which they justify their existence. A belief that excess equals success. But to the lucky ones, they understand that a life well lived is measured by the positivity of your impact on those around you. A proverbial life after death and the birth of a legacy. Curt Trout was one of those lucky few. In this film, we take a look into the life of a fishing legend and explore how one person’s passion can have a profound effect on a community, a sport, and a river. This is the story of a Trout.

TO THE BONE 5.6 minutes – by Andy Sarjahani – from Arkansas – Short synopsis: An Ozarks naturalist and bowhunter reflects on a recent animal harvest as he ponders the Cycle of Life.

I NEED TO GET OUT 2.8 minutes – by John Jenkins – from California – Short synopsis: A autobiographical story of a man needing to find silence away from the screens, sounds and sirens of a major city. During a pandemic.

COLDIRON AND THE CABINETS 18 minutes – by Nathaniel Kenney – from Montana – Short synopsis: Gulf war veteran, Scott Coldiron, recovers from nerve gas poisoning and goes on to find community and world class ice climbing in Montana’s remote Cabinet Mountains.