Can't make it to MOFF in person?

The 2021 MOFF Virtual Festival

Watch the MOFF program from home

Virtual Festival Pass

Watch all the films* from the festival from the comfort of your own home. That’s over 17 hours of MOFF programming at a discount on the per ticket price. Watch the film programs on the night they premiere, or afterwards, as long as it before August 15th.

Virtual Screening Schedule

pre-order or bookmark your favorite programs


Program 1 – Thu 7/28/22
Program 2 – Fri 7/29/22
Program 3 – Sat 7/30/22
Program 4 – Thu 8/4/22
Program 5 – Fri 8/5/22
Program 6 – Sat 8/6/22
Program 7 – Sun 8/7/22
Program 8 – Thu 8/11/22
Program 9 – Fri 8/12/22
Program 10 – Sat 8/13/22
Program 11 – Sun 8/14/22

  • Film programs become available on the date they are scheduled to play in person at MOFF 2022 Portland
  • All programs remain available until August 21, 2022
  • Once you unlock a given program, you have 7 days to finish watching!
  • View MOFF Virtual content on your Smart TV (Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV/Firestick) through the Eventive app. The content is also viewable through the browser on your desktop, laptop or smartphone.
  • THE RIVER RUNNER is only available in-person at MOFF.

Buy the Virtual Gold Pass and watch all the films!