Ogunquit – 4/16/16

Leavitt Theatre, Ogunquit, Maine
Saturday April 16, 2016

Show begins at 7:30 pm.
Film will be played in Full HD.
Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for seniors and available at the door.


CHAOS THEORY: POINT OF DIVERGENCE – 4 minutes – Mike McKay – Ottawa ON – Point of Divergence is part 3 of the 3 part series Chaos Theory: It is a long and reflective journey for the paddler. He takes to the sky, to the streets of the. far off city; the faces around him oblivious to his purpose. The river, a destination at once known and unknown to him, reveals itself and a blank canvas is given life. He closes his eyes (the silence within) and the path out of chaos is clear

DRIFTING CLOUD – 7 minutes – Yuta Sukegawa – Japan – A lost cloud wanders the sky making new friendships, experiencing heartbreak and soaking in the wonders of life.

WINTER HIKING! 1.5 minutes – Jack Gentempo – Norway – What began as a simple stroll through the great north woods has climaxed into the ultimate struggle for survival. This… Is… WINTER HIKING!

CIRCUMNAVIGATING LAKE CHAMPLAIN – 18 minutes – Willson Gaul and Patrick Kennedy – Vermont – Determined to circumnavigate Lake Champlain, two friends set out on an adventure of not so epic proportions. Armed with a camera and open minds, they explore the intimate rhythms of the lake, their boat and a lasting friendship. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to sail.

NATURE-RX, PART 1, 2 and 3 – 2 minutes – Justin Bogardus – Colorado – Nature and humanity have a terrible marketing problem. Polar bears, hurricanes, and ice caps are not waking people up fast enough. It’s too impersonal and too easy to ignore. Here comes PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH, a hilarious, unflinching, timely look at what a person really needs to save themselves, each other, and our planet. Set in the perfect post-modern capsule – a drug commercial, PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH reminds us that those who spend time in Nature are not only statistically more happy, relaxed, free, and joyful, but also importantly more likely to make sound environmental decisions. PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH is a small film with a big message. We believe everyone should see this film – to benefit from Nature and to enjoy the wild outdoors!

SNAPSHOT OF A SKATEPARK – 4 minutes – Tim Ouillette – Portland – Snapshot of of a Skatepark is a film that does just that. It captures the essence of community, freedom, and movement that can be found at any skatepark in any town, any state, in any country. . Snapshot of a skatepark melds documentary style interviews with cinematic actions shots. If you have ever wondered what the allure of skateboarding is, look no further.
THE HUNT FOR AQUATIC INVADERS – 9 minutes – Stephen Underwood – Maine – Set upon the backdrop of Maine’s mighty Moosehead Lake, “The Hunt for Aquatic Invaders” takes the viewer on a very different kind of outdoor adventure, one that not only speaks to the urgency of the task of preventing the spread of aquatic invaders in Maine, but also provides guidance and inspiration as it explores the vital role that volunteers can play in local and statewide early detection efforts.
TOO HOT, TOO COLD. 3 minutes – Ross Knowlton – Millinocket – My films are typically focused on broadcasting the creative side of skateboarding and snowskating. The filming, skating, and editing is done entirely by myself. I’ve been making these films for five years now and have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

THAI BOXING – 4 minutes – Eliza Earle – Colorado – Professional athletes Mason Earle and Sean Villanueva team up to take on “Thai Boxing,” an unforgiving offwidth crack nestled in the granite cliffs behind Chamonix, France.

WINDY OASIS – 3 minutes – Bernardo Negri – Brazil – To find an Oasis, one must cross a desert. With a lot of wind, sand and sun, this movie is about the importance of overcoming challenges for those who want to live their dream.

UNRIDEABLES: ALASKA RANGE – 46 minutes – Dir: Derek Westerlund, Prod: – Steve Reska, Ben Bryan, Scott Bradfiel – Alaska – “Barely a decade old, speedriding is a high-speed, high stakes mountain sport that fuses elements of skiing and parachute flight. This hybrid approach to the alpine gives its intrepid practitioners access to terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible. In The Unrideables: Alaska Range, one of the foremost experts on human flight, Jon DeVore, sets out with a team of elite aerial athletes to evolve the sport in North America’s most remote and demanding mountain environment.”