2022 MOFF Official Selection

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Patrick Bonsant, Susan Kimball, and David Blais

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Modern day explorer, author and Bicycle Benefits founder Ian Klepetar found his way to Baldwin, Maine while cycling to Portland in the summer of 2020. A water tower landmark on Route 113 caught his eye and had Ian daydreaming of the structures’ wild and awe inspiring possibilities. Klepetar wrote to the previous owner and shared his dream of transforming the tower and the adjoining property into a gathering space that would educate, inspire and engage. Now holding the deed to the property and thrilled to help create a magical place in the neighborhood, Ian and his partner (Montana Morris) welcome travelers, friends and locals to The People’s Perch in order to activate their bodies, move their minds and forge connections with others interested in growing food and cultivating community in this rural area of Maine.

This film to be screened:

Friday, 7/29 – The Bigelow Program

7/29 Gulf of Maine Research Institute