Raised on Rainbows

2021 MOFF Official Selection

About This Project


Matt Coddaire

Total Running Time:


Filming Location:

Boulder County, Colorado

Filmmaker Origin:

Gunnison River, Colorado


Having kids and still pursuing a passion for fly fishing can be a challenge. For this Colorado couple though, sharing the sport with their children has brought new depth, patience, and an even stronger desire to preserve the rivers they love for generations to come.

This film to be screened:

8/7/21 – The Sheepscot Program

Special Note:

New England Premiere

Filmmaker Bio:

Producer/Director, Matt Coddaire now resides in Colorado, but is originally from New England. Born and raised in Massachusetts, and first fell in love with the outdoors while going to College at Plymouth State University in NH.

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

When we began filming Raised on Rainbows, we weren’t actually sure where the story was. Katie and Drew only had one child at the time and it wasn’t until a second one came along that the trips and traditions adapted and the love for the sport began to cross generations.

8/7 Eastern Promenade, Friends and Family Program