Following Lines

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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François Léger-Savard

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Seeking a deeper encounter with the territory of the Inuit, six paddlers plan to make the first recorded descent of a little-known river in northern Quebec. This mapping expedition, beset by adverse weather conditions and other unforeseeable situations, is also, for the filmmaker, a reminder of his ancestry. What we have come to think of as an “adventure” was here, for thousands of years, simply a way of life. While much has been forgotten, a tradition survives in the life and language of the Inuit; their knowledge of the physical world and of the seasons guides the team in its journey. Set against an imposing background of snow, tundra and white-water rapids, the documentary is a call to go beyond: out onto the land, and also inward into ourselves.”

This film to be screened:

8/3/21 – Double Feature at UFF

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USA Premiere

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Nunavik is the first territory that François Léger-Savard has explored, camera in hand. The images produced during his incursions show the infinite spaces of northern Quebec. They also reveal a sincere and sensitive interest in the native peoples who have occupied these lands for thousands of years.
His career has led him to many countries in the Americas, Asia and in Africa, countries which are the main topics of his various projects. Faces, bodies and realities are always featured in his work – fragments of sensitivity in everyday scenes. A photographer as well as a cinematographer, he has been involved for years in numerous documentary productions exploring the social sphere that were made for television, as well as the big screen and the web.
François continually combines the scale of landscapes – whether they be natural or urban – with the intimacy of the portraits he captures when they cross his path.

8/3 Urban Farm Fermentory, The Hero's Journey Program