Juniper Ridge Landfill Megadump Part 1

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Sunlight Media Collective

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Each year, over 200,000 tons of toxic out-of-state waste is disposed of at Juniper Ridge Landfill in Maine. A citizen proposed bill will soon be introduced in the Maine State Legislature which aims to close a loophole allowing an interstate commercial waste operation to profit by laundering regional toxic waste material into this landfill.

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7/31/21 – The Saco Program

Three thoughts from the filmmaker:

1. LD 1639 is a citizen driven bill that will be taken up for discussion in the Maine State Senate by the Environment and Natural Resources Committee in early 2022. 2. LD 1639 is “An Act To Protect The Health And Welfare Of Maine Communities and Reduce Harmful Solid Waste.” 3. From Rockland to Kittery and beyond, out-of-state municipal sewage sludge is bound for a location near you!

2021 Award Winners, 7/31 Eastern Promenade, Nurture Nature Program