Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle

2021 MOFF Official Selection

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Daniel Byers

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United States


In the Darién Gap rainforest, loggers and cattle ranchers pose a threat to indigenous communities’ way of life. When a rare Harpy Eagle nest is discovered, the Emberá tribe of Playa Muerto find an unlikely ally. By protecting the Eagle’s habitat, they can benefit from the ecotourism she attracts and reconnect with their traditional heritage.

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8/7/21 – The Sheepscot Program

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Maine Premiere

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Beyond the end of the road, Playa Muerto is only accessible by a 4-hour boat ride along the beautiful Darien coastline. We had to build a bamboo platform 110′ up in the middle of the rain forest to film the eagles. Several of our scenes were interrupted by fire ant attacks.

8/7 Eastern Promenade, Nurture Nature Program