Falmouth – Maine Audubon – 4/21/16

EARTH DAY EVE, Thursday April 21, 2016

Special price for members of Maine Audubon and AMC
This event has sold out the last two years. Please pre-purchase tickets from Maine Audubon.


Doors: 6:00
Short films: 7:00pm

ONLY THE ESSENTIAL – 39.8 minutes – Colin Arisman – Vermont In the summer of 2013 Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with cameras in hand. Only The Essential is the story of their 5 month, 2668 mile journey on foot from Mexico to Canada across the wilderness of California, Oregon, and Washington.

MINUTE OF MAINE – THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT – 1 minutes – Karl Youngs – Millinocket Maine’s beauty can be found around every corner. You just have to take a minute to look. This series of one minute films explores the wonder and diversity of Maine. Take a minute and enjoy then do your own exploring!

THE HUNT FOR AQUATIC INVADERS – 9 minutes – Stephen Underwood – Maine Set upon the backdrop of Maine’s mighty Moosehead Lake, “The Hunt for Aquatic Invaders” takes the viewer on a very different kind of outdoor adventure, one that not only speaks to the urgency of the task of preventing the spread of aquatic invaders in Maine, but also provides guidance and inspiration as it explores the vital role that volunteers can play in local and statewide early detection efforts.

TOO HOT, TOO COLD. 3 minutes – Ross Knowlton – Millinocket My films are typically focused on broadcasting the creative side of skateboarding and snowskating. The filming, skating, and editing is done entirely by myself. I’ve been making these films for five years now and have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

CIRCUMNAVIGATING LAKE CHAMPLAIN – 18 minutes – Willson Gaul and Patrick Kennedy – Vermont Determined to circumnavigate Lake Champlain, two friends set out on an adventure of not so epic proportions. Armed with a camera and open minds, they explore the intimate rhythms of the lake, their boat and a lasting friendship. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to sail.

OUTDOOR FESTIVAL 4 minutes – Joe Radano – Portland In short, surfing in Maine is often not taken seriously. By whom? Well…by people who take surfing seriously. Drastic tides, lack of solid and consistent surf, cold weather and limited beach access makes surfing in Maine seem like a subtle, quiet little fart in the night. Although, people do surf here and now more than ever it seems that people are becoming more passionate about surfing. Mark Yaggie and Nick Power are both transplants like myself and while we can complain about conditions not being good enough and how much of a process it is when its cold and…yeah how cold it is. I think we all moved here to find something hidden in Maine. To find a place that isn’t perfect for surfing. To find a place where surfing is weird and not normal.

NATURE-RX, PART 1, 2 and 3 – 2 minutes – Justin Bogardus – Colorado Nature and humanity have a terrible marketing problem. Polar bears, hurricanes, and ice caps are not waking people up fast enough. It’s too impersonal and too easy to ignore. Here comes PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH, a hilarious, unflinching, timely look at what a person really needs to save themselves, each other, and our planet. Set in the perfect post-modern capsule – a drug commercial, PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH reminds us that those who spend time in Nature are not only statistically more happy, relaxed, free, and joyful, but also importantly more likely to make sound environmental decisions. PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH is a small film with a big message. We believe everyone should see this film – to benefit from Nature and to enjoy the wild outdoors!

MH&T TRAIL CREW 2 minutes – Mercedes Mehling – Stratton We are the Trail Crew for Maine Huts & Trails – we maintain over 80 miles of trail system in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. We fix drainage issues, clear trail corridor, chainsaw blowdowns, build bog bridges, and anything else that needs to be done to make an enjoyable hiking and biking experience for our guests. Come visit us in Carrabassett Valley!

CLOSE TO THE EDGE: LIFE IN THE KHUMBU – 11 minutes – Alison Hudson – Southwest Harbor Life in the Khumbu explores the lives of high-altitude workers in Nepal who lead climbers through the Khumbu Icefall, the most dangerous stage of the ascent to Everest’s summit – where extreme perils in mountaineering are merely the way to a steady paycheck.