July 31, 2022

Youth Night

at the fields behind Deering High School

Join The Maine Outdoor Film Festival, Smooth Feather and the Boston Kids International Film Festival for a two-hour program of short films made by or for youth and families. Shown outdoors, at the Deering High Fields for night four of of the first weekend of MOFF.

Date: Sunday, July 31, 2022
Location: Outdoors behind Deering High School
Doors: 7:00 pm – Show time: 8:00 pm
Tickets: Free. All donations go toward the production of the festival.
Other info:
-Please bring your own camp chair/blanket.
-Outside water/snacks are allowed.
-No pets allowed, sorry.
-A pay-what-you-can STREAMING OPTION is available on the night of the in-person showing.

In case of Foul Weather:
-If a screening is postponed because of rain or inclement weather, it will take place the following Monday night at the same location of the originally scheduled screening.
If two screenings are postponed, the second screening will take place Tuesday, etc.
-We’ll attempt to make any postponement call by 4pm on the day of the screening, and will email all ticket purchasers. We’ll also post on our home page, social media and the event screening page.
-Tickets purchased for the original screening will be honored at the makeup screening.
-Ticket purchasers will also have the option of transferring their ticket to another screening or transferring to a virtual ticket.

Film program:

Film program will last about two hours and is subject to change
RISE ABOVE – Filmmaker: Abby Decker, Brady Knudsen, Matt Cummings, Gwyneth Hibbert, Cassie Leger, Dean Bickford – Total Running Time: 15 – Synopsis: It was only supposed to be a small birthday party, a safe gathering during these challenging Covid times. Little did anyone know that by the end of the day there would be a chicken stranded in a rogue hot air balloon sailing high above the earth. Alone, scared, and drifting higher and farther away by the second, the chicken’s only hope is a rag-tag group of kids who try to save it before it’s too late…

SPLASH – Filmmaker: – Kayci St Clair – Total Running Time: 4.8 – Synopsis: In Splash, a young boy visits the water park only to be denied entrance to the more exciting swimmers only side of the park, so he decides he must trick the life guard into thinking he can swim.

THE DUKHA – Filmmaker: Carmen Morrow and Zach Wolf – Total Running Time: 8 – Synopsis: In the remote taiga of northern Mongolia live the Dukha, one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. Tuvshuu is five years old. He and his sisters help with their family’s herd at the summer camp, where there are cool winds and plenty of grass. Their way of life and knowledge of reindeer has been passed down for millennia. With less than 40 Dukha families left in the world, Tuvshuu will have some big decisions ahead.

THE ONGS – Filmmaker: Ray Alba, Alicia Alba – Total Running Time: 6.6 – Synopsis: A film short about what makes ski families so special and answers why the drive to and from the mountain, great distances and through all kinds of conditions every weekend.

TALIA – Filmmaker: Cara Bamford – Total Running Time: 9.9 – Synopsis: Talia loves nature. Endlessly curious, she finds new ways to slip out of the house – pushing her boundaries to explore the world beyond her front garden. Caught out on her latest adventure; her father forbids her to leave the house without his permission.

TREESCAPE ROOM – Filmmaker: Heidi Scott – Total Running Time: 7.53 – Synopsis: When four kids swing into the Treescape, their only hope of escape is a feral mycologist.

KAPAEMAHU – Filmmaker: Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, and Joe WIlson – Total Running Time: 8.5 – Synopsis: Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach – and the legendary transgender spirits within them. Long ago, four extraordinary individuals of dual male and female spirit brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii. Beloved by the people for their gentle ways and miraculous cures, they imbued four giant boulders with their powers. The stones still stand on Waikiki Beach, but the true story behind them has been hidden – until now. Drawing on new research and narrated in an ancient Hawaiian dialect, Kapaemahu brings this powerful legend back to life in vivid animation, seen through the eyes of a curious child.

THE MUSHROOM HUNTRESS – Filmmaker: Jim Picariello – Total Running Time: 9.7 – Synopsis: After Leigh is cut off from her cold, wealthy mother, and witnesses the arrest of her loving-yet-scheming father, she attempts to support herself by capitalizing on her love of wild mushrooms. But while foraging along the forest floor she discovers a shocking family secret.

AS WE ARE – Filmmaker: Tyler Muise, Eli Murray, Jonah Naratil, Toni Vaillancourt, Charli Vaillancourt, Evan Drozdowski, Gwyneth Hibbert – Total Running Time: 13.8 – Synopsis: A teen from a small Maine town who struggles with addiction makes a choice that could further propel him into a downward spiral. After being cornered by his own ill-fated decision, he comes face-to-face with three people who have very different responses to who he is and what he has done. Stirring and inspiring, “As We Are” causes us to take pause and consider every reaction and judgment we may have regarding those we want to condemn and ignore in life.