August 14, 2024

Vinegar Hill Music Theatre

Arundel, Maine

Join MOFF at Vinegar Hill in Arundel for an evening of Outdoor Adventure films from across Maine and around the world inside the charming, historic barn at Vinegar Hill Music Theatre. 

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2024
Time: Doors: 6:00PM
Films: 7:30PM
Admission: $15 advance | $22 doors
Tickets: Advance tickets available on the Vinegar Hill platform
Location: Vinegar Hill Music Theatre, 53 Old Post Road, Arundel, Maine 04046
Hosted by: Vinegar Hill Music Theatre
Food Truck: Pam & Fam Forkin’ Good Grub
Event Info: Be sure to come early to enjoy drinks and food  from the food truck in Vinegar Hill’s outdoor garden patio (with outdoor bar!) starting at 6pm.












Film Program:

*Film Program Subject To Change*

THE CARETAKER – 12.83 minutes – by Dan Dunn, Josh Bogardus – from United States, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: At the doorstep of Huntington Ravine, sits The Harvard Cabin — a remote respite for ice climbers and backcountry skiers to escape the elements. “The Caretaker” follows the story of Jack Kingsley, who spends his days meticulously observing and documenting the snowfall, weather patterns, and wildlife in the area.
GROUNDWORK – COTTON – 15.68 minutes – by Lindsey Hagen – from United States – Short synopsis: Follow as the Kahle family breaks the cycle of generational health issues by revolutionizing their farming practices. Driven by a deep commitment to their family and community’s well-being, the Kahle’s bring revelatory science practices to combat years of problematic, status-quo methods of farming.
THE CAREIST – 9.93 minutes – by Matthew Boyd Williams – from Montana – Short synopsis: Between the Ohio and Mississippi riverbanks sit the United States’ 15th International Wetland of Importance. Yet, the wetlands today are mere remnants of their original borders. Max Hutchison is a naturalist, ecologist, zoologist, and lifelong voice for preserving the wetlands he also calls home.
JOJO – A TOAD MUSICAL – 9 minutes – by Chelsea J Jolly, David Herasimtschuk – from Oregon – Short synopsis: JOJO celebrates a creative and musical portrait of JoJo Nyaribo, a young nature lover and wildlife advocate as he explores the meaning of biodiversity and stewardship in his own backyard. This story weaves together Jojo’s love for the natural world with his journey in learning about and fighting against a specific fungus that has been wiping out a staggering number of amphibians around the globe.
BEYOND NORMAL – 28 minutes – by Anna Wilder Burns, Jordyn Romero – from Massachusetts – Short synopsis: Beyond Normal chronicles the journey of professional surfer Becca Speak as she fights her way back to the water after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The film is an intimate portrait of self-discovery and a vulnerable look into the gravity of the injury.
JUST START – 7.3 minutes – by Will Floor – from Utah, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Madeline, a trail runner, triumphs over childhood trauma through running, using her past as fuel to promote joy over perfection.
THE ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE – 12.32 minutes – by John Concillo – from Oregon, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Most likely, a young person today in the U.S. will finish high school and not know of William O. Douglas. For anyone familiar with his legacy, this is insupportable. His ideas and philosophies are fundamental wellsprings for a genuinely democratic society. The thoughts and values expressed by Justice Douglas should be passed on to a new generation and reiterated to all U.S. citizens.
23.4 DEGREES – 10 minutes – by Jeff Thomas – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Journey with professional skier Anna Segal across the valleys, forests, boulder fields and mountain summits of British Columbia, as she explores her affinity with seasonal change, and the role it plays in connecting our modern lifestyle to the natural world.