Maine Outdoor Film Festival's

Snow Day Dreams – at the State Theatre

Thursday, December 14, 2023

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Date: Thursday, December 14, 2023
Time: doors at 5:30 PM, films start at 6:30 PM
Location: The State Theatre, Portland Maine
Ticket Info:
Advance Tickets: Adults: $15 (+ Service Fee), buy online Here.
Advance Tickets: Adults: $15, Under 18: $10, purchase in-person with no fees at STATE THEATRE BOX OFFICE (open Fridays 10am-5pm and 1 hour before any show)
Day-Of Tickets: Adults: $20. Under 18: $15
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Presented by: ReVision Energy
Official Ski Mountain: Saddleback Maine
MOFF 2023 Beer Sponsor: Baxter Brewing

Promo Still Image From: CREATION THEORY

Program Notes:
The Maine Outdoor Film Festival (MOFF) has teamed up with ReVision, Saddleback and the State Theatre to thoughtfully curate a night of cold-weather adventure films for Portland’s outdoor community, so we can all get our mind right for the season. SNOW DAY DREAMS is for that kid inside us who just can’t wait for winter. 

Piggyback on freestyle and backcountry experiences, get an intimate look into the art of ice harvesting during a climate crisis, and take a sensory tingling exploration of the interconnectedness of flow state in winter surf, snowboarding, and songwriting. SNOW DAY DREAMS will have you hauling your gear down from the attic and scoping the 10-day!
Proceeds from an on-site raffle will go to benefit Inclusive Ski Touring

Get stoked for the season!

Scheduled Program*
FROZEN HARVEST – 2.6 minutes – by Mark Fleming – from Maine – Short synopsis: For centuries, the people of Maine have upheld the tradition of ice harvesting. Our team had the opportunity to join volunteers at the Thompson Ice House and witness firsthand this once-thriving industry’s remarkable but vulnerable legacy. As one of the few remaining ice harvests in the world, the ice house in South Bristol offers a poignant reminder of the profound impact of global warming.
THE LAST SKIER STANDING (2022) – 18.62 minutes – by Chris Shane – from Maine – Short synopsis: The Last Skier Standing is a last man standing format event in Jackson, New Hampshire. Follow skiers Ben Eck & Brody Leven as they ski every hour on the hour for a really, really long time. Who will be the last skier standing?
ADVICE FOR GIRLS – 60 minutes – Directed by SARA BEAM ROBBINS from Colorado – Short synopsis: Advice for Girls is inspired by the poem of the same name written by Addy Jacobsend. Her hope is that her words will remind women and girls that they are worthy of success, allowed to take up space, and are extremely valuable to the ski industry.


TRANSITION – 2.4 minutes – by AXEL BARDE, BEN BURATTI – from France – Short synopsis: After several years on the freestyle ski cup circuit, in 2022 Ben decides to take a new turn and a new career start, TRANSITION.
BEYOND BEGBIE – 15 minutes – by Zoya Lynch – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Climbing Mount Begbie is a “right of passage” for every hiker, climber, sledder, and skier who chooses to make Revelstoke Valley their home. While this peak has created an entire contemporary culture in Revelstoke, its name and story only represent colonial history, with no reference to the Indigenous heritage of this land. Is it the outdoor community’s responsibility to help change this?
TO THE HILLS & BACK – 46.68 minutes – by Mike Quigley – from Canada – Short synopsis: At a remote backcountry cabin, a veteran mountain guide and his daughter connect and reflect upon a lifetime in the mountains. Avalanche accidents have been happening in the mountains since humans first started traveling within them and we learn about this evolution of winter recreation and avalanche safety. Stories unfold and we hear from several characters including those with life shattering events. Many of these stories share striking similarities that those who follow can learn from.
CREATION THEORY – 22 minutes – by Ben Sturgulewski – from Alaska – Short synopsis: Whether it’s the grandest cosmos or the smallest human idea, true creation arrives in moments of unexpected convergence— extraordinary synchronicities between space and time, science and art, music and mountains and sea. In Creation Theory, these raw elements converge in the Westfjords of Iceland, taking us on a journey from the interstellar birth of gravity and rhythm, to their ultimate human creative expression: surfer on wave, snowboarder on peak, and musician on stage.

*Film program subject to change