August 19, 2022

Riverfront Greenspace, overlooking the Skowhegan River Park

Skowhegan, Maine
Join Skowhegan Outdoors for an evening of Outdoor Adventure films from across Maine and around the world. Shown outdoors at The Riverfront Promenade, just off Water St. Proceeds to benefit Teens To Trails.

Date: Friday, August 19, 2022
Time: Doors: 7:00PM,
Films: 8:00PM
Admission: This is a free community event.
Location: Riverfront Greenspace, overlooking the Skowhegan River Park, Skowhegan, ME
Presented by: Skowhegan Outdoors
Program Notes: The film program will last about two hours, including a 10-minute intermission.
Please bring your own camp chair and/or blanket.
Rain Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022

Scheduled Program:

FLOW 13.5 minutes – by David N Stiles – from North Carolina – Short synopsis: Much of the trails in Maine are either mellow, grassy loops or more technical singletrack full of rocks and roots, making it hard for most riders to advance their skills. Erik Mushial and Stuart Johnson, co-owners of Maine Trail Builders, or MTB, are working to change that, by introducing machine-built trails where rake-n-ride was the standard for years. By bringing a crew of trail builders together to learn all about pitch, drainage, and berms, MTB is helping riders of all ages, from beginner to advanced, find their flow and a love for the trail.

INNER TERRITORY 6.8 minutes – by Marie France L’Ecuyer – from Quebec – Short synopsis: Returning from a long expedition, adventurer, musician and author Samuel Lalande-Markon finds himself confined to his apartment in Montreal. He takes this opportunity to escape into the green spaces of the metropolis, reclaim his insularity, and revisit the memories of his recent journeys to the confines of Northern Quebec. Over the course of an urban bike-rafting odyssey, this film offers a reflection on the exploration and appropriation of our immediate territory, and offers an introspective look at the very essence of adventure.

A NEW PERSPECTIVE OF WHITEWATER 3.45 minutes – by Benjamin Koehler – from Maine – Short synopsis: Whitewater snorkeling and scuba diving gives a unique perspective of the river, one where you can be inside of a wave, see the current react to the riverbed, and use the rocks to climb upstream.

SAP TIME 4.2 minutes – by Roger Scott McCord – from Maine – Short synopsis: Two brothers, who own a Maine dairy farm, also make maple syrup to help make ends meet.

JÖTUNN 22.78 minutes – by mikel sarasola – from Spain – Short synopsis: Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is one of the places with the highest concentration of waterfalls in the world, which makes it one of the most popular places for extreme kayaking. Even so, given the difficulty, the inaccessibility of its rivers and the harsh climate of the place, it is not a territory that is visited so much, and there is still a lot of territory left to explore doing this sport. Three friends aim to enter new valleys to explore rivers and waterfalls that have never been descended before, and not knowing what one might find always brings surprises and not always the ones you expect.

KEYSTONE: VOICES FOR THE LITTLE FISH 11.2 minutes – by Jerry Monkman – from New Hampshire – Short synopsis: The people of Gardiner, Maine work to provide fish passage around three historic dams on Cobbossee Stream for the first time in 270 years. The goal: restore an ecosystem that can support millions of river herring and other wildlife.

CONTINUUM 2 minutes – by Harrison Mendel – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Everything is connected. Each ride is an extension of the one before. Each reentry is a transition to the next launch. Each experience builds on one another toward a flow state of endless progression. Only the settings and perspectives change along this continuum. In this film by Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel, the sequence of individual movements are all linked together as a cohesive collection, with each maneuver unique yet forming a coherent visual journey across ever-changing landscapes by maintaining a locked perspective. Creating this visual trick of relentless flow and seamless transitions from one scene to the next was a technical challenge for both rider and cinematographer, and it required intense planning and dedication from the entire team to work through these problems. Anchoring the point of view to bring the audience along on Brett’s journey as everything else moves seamlessly along the continuum.

TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH: IN PURSUIT OF SOUL 34.5 minutes – by Jeremy Grant – from United States – Short synopsis: In Pursuit of Soul explores the fiercely authentic culture of independent resort towns across the country, while meeting the people that call those mountains home – the true soul of skiing and snowboarding. Follow along as we visit and explore 12 independent resorts from East Coast classics to hidden gems in the Mountain West that are the beating heart of the winter community. In Pursuit of Soul lets us showcase a different, important side of the industry.