September 24, 2022

Maine Woods Rambler

at New England Outdoor Center, Millinocket, Maine
Join the Maine Outdoor Film Festival and the Maine Woods Rambler for an evening of outdoor adventure and conservation films shown outdoors on the eve of the awesome bike adventure race

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022
Time: Doors: 7:00PM Films: 7:30PM
Location: New England Outdoor Center’s Knife Edge Brewing & Activity Center

Address: 200 Katahdin View Drive, Millinocket, ME 04462

Directions: Located 7 miles out of town on Katahdin View Drive. Once past the Sawmill Bar & Grill, travel for approximately 6.3 miles to Katahdin View Drive. On your left there will be a road with camp signs called “Deep Cove Road”, and on your right is Katahdin View Drive, and the Bowman Construction signs. Turn right onto Katahdin View Drive, and travel 0.8 miles straight to the NEOC Knife Edge Brewing & Activity Center.

Program Notes: The film program will last about two hours, including a 10-minute intermission.
Please bring your own chair for comfort and safety
Film program is subject to change.

Supported Locally by: Katahdin Area Trails, the Katahdin Gear Library, and the Boreal Theater
Scheduled Program:

DANCING IN THE MOUNTAINS 18 minutes – by Samuel T. Scofy – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Mountain biking is one of the fastest-rising sports in the world. It’s a huge driver of tourism and travel. We’ve also seen tremendous growth among women in the sport and the calibre is rapidly increasing. Now, we’re seeing big mountain lines, jump lines, and freeride in general being tackled by women. In this, Hailey Elise, one of mountain bikings top female prospects, and her crew have gone into the Whistler woods and delve into the origins of freeride, building their own line over two years with natural features that pushes what she thinks is currently possible for herself. Hailey is undoubtedly so talented at MTB. She’s also very honest about the mental struggles of performing at such a high calibre all the time. The pressure, the injuries, the mental blocks. After a big crash in the spring, she was on the mend for the second time in a year. She’s been recovering, rehabbing and back on the bike ready for her next big move. This short docu-film is a meditation on physical & mental pain/growth, a crew of friends profoundly connected by bikes and wild ideas.

RIDING THE RAILS 10.1 minutes – by Evan Kay – from Vermont – Short synopsis: Using a bicycle modified to ride on abandoned train tracks, pro mountain bike rider Alex McAndrew and his wife Ella head out into the unknown in search of remote fishing, camping, biking, and adventure.

MORNING ZOOM 5.2 minutes – by Jesse LaFountaine, Mercedes Mehling – from Maine – Short synopsis: It’s Monday morning. Tom is getting ready for his Zoom meeting at 8am. A text from a coworker buzzes on his phone – “Boss just called. The meeting got pushed back until 9.” Tom has an extra hour. And he knows exactly what to do with it.

TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH: IN PURSUIT OF SOUL 34.5 minutes – by Jeremy Grant – from United States – Short synopsis: In Pursuit of Soul explores the fiercely authentic culture of independent resort towns across the country, while meeting the people that call those mountains home – the true soul of skiing and snowboarding. Follow along as we visit and explore 12 independent resorts from East Coast classics to hidden gems in the Mountain West that are the beating heart of the winter community. In Pursuit of Soul lets us showcase a different, important side of the industry.

FLOW 13.5 minutes – by David N Stiles – from North Carolina – Short synopsis: Much of the trails in Maine are either mellow, grassy loops or more technical singletrack full of rocks and roots, making it hard for most riders to advance their skills. Erik Mushial and Stuart Johnson, co-owners of Maine Trail Builders, or MTB, are working to change that, by introducing machine-built trails where rake-n-ride was the standard for years. By bringing a crew of trail builders together to learn all about pitch, drainage, and berms, MTB is helping riders of all ages, from beginner to advanced, find their flow and a love for the trail.

WRITE YOUR LINE 3 minutes – by AUGEY MARC, COLLET ANDY – from France – Short synopsis: As a kid, Ben dreams of reaching the level of his favorite athletes, who have become legends today. During his ski descent, he finds himself sharing his ride with the greatest. This descent will go viral on the internet, provoking the craze of future generations, all curious to see such a sharing.

NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD DRIVE 22.7 minutes – by Olivia Holt, Patrick Wood – from Australia – Short synopsis: A team of middle-aged women, who have never considered themselves athletes, head to the remote Australian outback to test their physical and mental limits in a desert ultramarathon.