2012 MOFF Official Selections

“Mainely Boating” a 2012 short feature film celebrating the daring and endearing adventures of Maine’s whitewater kayaking characters, by Taylor Walker, 19 minutes.

“Hardwater” – a 2012 documentary about Maine’s tribal, oft-misunderstood ice fishing sub-culture, by Ryan Brod and Dan Sites, 75 minutes.

“Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge” a 2012 short which chronicles an annual mountain bike race in Carrabassett Valley, By Andy Gillespie, 3 minutes.

“Suncook River Canoe Shop Promo” a 2007 whitewater paddling highlight film by Larry Seidl, 21 minutes.

“Life is Good in AK” a 2012 short feature which follows Maine skiers and snowborders to the Tailgate Alaska event, by Will Caswell and Ken Hess, 15 minutes.

“One Day at a Time” a 2012 short about a day in the life of a sky-diving outfit by Nate Lawson, Spencer Hodge and Tyler Dale, 2 minutes.

“Turning Tail” a 2012 short documentary about the plight of the Wild Atlantic Salmon by Carter Davidson Grey Ghost Productions, 13 minutes.

“Beauty Beneath the Dirt” – a 2012 documentary about 3 urbanites attempting to hike the 2178.3-mile Appalachian Trail by Katherine Imp and Jason Furrer, 68 minutes.

“D-Rail” is an excerpt from the 2011 film “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” and chronicles the comeback of injured snowmobile athlete Daryl Tait by Chris Malenfant, 5 minutes.

“Moments from Hogback” a 2011 short which touches on the re-emergence of runner sledding in central Maine, by No Umbrella Media, 6 minutes.

“For Those Who Love Paddlers” a 2012 short shot at the West Branch Penobscot River by No Umbrella Media, 6 minutes.