Outdoor Film Round-up

Outdoor Film Round-up

Hey! Check out what some of MOFF’s friends are up to…:

Join GLP Films for the Green Destinations Story Awards to celebrate the inspirational stories of resilient tourism practices from 2020.
GLP is the official storytelling partner for the event, providing video storytelling consultation and editing services to help the finalists communicate their award-winning sustainability stories.


*Something a member of MOFF learned after hauling camp canisters back down from Rangeley in November. They’re impossible to recycle ♻️!! Check out Aislinn’s BDN article

Small propane canisters used to fuel camp stoves can be challenging to dispose of safely. Credit: Sam Schipani / BDN


Kyle’s Sandbox:

Hey, just about the same time that MOFF ends its screenings of the Women’s Adventure Film Tour; the Bicycle Coalition of Maine hosts the…

BFF Select Short Film Program appeals to a wide audience from film connoisseurs to avid cyclists and everything in between. The curated collection of select short films will take you on a journey around the world.




Subcategory: Maine’s Stranger Things

Maine Lawnmower Racing? Pretty cut and dried.
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Or maybe you prefer… Sno-mo-biking??!!
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Did you hear about 2020 MOFF selection ONE MAN’S TRASH being uploaded online?

Check. It. Out:LINK



Who still cares about a Blast From the Past? Brunswick-based aerospace firm @blushiftaero, has tons of launches YOU can reserve a ticket to — In the Future!!


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