2024 Films listed in screening order with TRT, Country, synopsis

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Art, Science + The Outdoors Program

UNDER [SI:] – 36.58 minutes – by Morgan LE FAUCHEUR – from France – Short synopsis: UNDER [SI:] recounts the birth of the underwater ecomuseum in Cannes, near the southern shore of Île Sainte-Marguerite. From stopover to stopover, the documentary goes to meet the protagonists and the places that participated in the project.
EXPEDITION – 10.68 minutes – by Lauren Zito – from New York, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: A joint Expedition with Maine sculptor, Duncan Hewitt, as he re-imagines his work, “Yellow and Silver Smash Up”.
FORE & AFT – 26 minutes – by Gabe Gerzon – from Massachusetts – Short synopsis: For over 230 years, Lowell’s Boat Shop has perched over the Merrimack River in Massachusetts. Graham McKay, the master boat builder, safeguards tradition and community at the shop. While Graham has mentored for years, he finds an uncommonly precocious pupil in William, a 16-year-old drawn to the water and the workshop.
LIFE AT SEA – 36.58 minutes – by Ellie Louise Lafferty – from Oregon, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Life at Sea plunges into the reality of living aboard a research vessel, where Daisy Braun, an artist from Portland, Maine, ventures unknowingly. Amidst seasoned sailors and scientists, the narrative delves deep into the lives of those who call the ocean their home.With characters weathered by endless waves, the obsession with plankton lingers.

Maine Filmmaker Showcase Screening

CHASING FREEDOM – 5.78 minutes – by Caitlin Grant – from Maine – Short synopsis: Carol, a woman born with cerebral palsy, decides to take back control of her life by pursuing adventure sports, only to be met with more health challenges, difficult decisions, and opportunities to understand her mental and physical strength.
AN EXTRAORDINARY PLACE – 32.3 minutes – by Tom Bell – from Maine – Short synopsis: For anyone who yearns for a human connection to music, this is the story of a quirky radio station in Maine and its eccentric DJs. The 32-minute documentary showcases the people behind the microphone, taking the audience into the heart of the station and its community-first ethos.
THE COLLECTOR – 15 minutes – by Jim Picariello, Carrie Wachob – from Maine/Washington, MAINE PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Owner of the world’s largest private collection of Oz memorabilia, Willard Carroll is living proof that one story can change the entire trajectory of your life.
SMOOTH FEATHER YOUTH PRESENTS SILENTLY UNITED – 13 minutes – by – from – Short synopsis:
TAKE ME TO THE OCEAN – 16 minutes – by ELENA Mozzhelina – from Maine, NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE – Short synopsis: A story of healing through cold ocean waters of the Maine coast.
BAY OF HERONS – 7 minutes – by Jared James Lank – from Maine – Short synopsis: This short visual essay expresses the pain and complex emotion experienced by Indigenous people witnessing the destruction, theft, and disrespect of their homelands and ecological relatives. It uses Wabanaki mythos, vignettes of Mackworth Island’s wildlife, and an original score to reinterpret the environment through traditional Wabanaki and Western academic knowledge.
COURTS OF BELONGING – 10 minutes – by Santiago Tijerina – from Maine – Short synopsis: East Bayside in Portland, Maine historically has been and continues to be home to many of the city’s new immigrants. Kennedy Park with its futsal (street soccer) court is at the heart of this neighborhood, and “Courts of Belonging” authentically and movingly captures the stories of young immigrant court players.
LONE WOLF ON RAGGED ISLAND – 12.7 minutes – by Josh Povec – from Maine, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: When a winter storm hits the island on the frontier between the Maine coast and the open ocean there often is just one person on it. Charlie Perakis is on the hunt for stories that are told by animals through their tracks in the fresh blanket of snow.

The White Pine Program

109 BELOW – 13.82 minutes – by Nick Martini – from California – Short synopsis: 109 Below tells a tale of resilience and grit when rescue volunteers go to save the lives of strangers. An attempted rescue on Mount Washington in 1982 changed not only the course of two climbers’ lives, but the lives of the rescuers who attempted to save them — and the future of prosthetics, forever.
FRONTLINE – 25 minutes – by Steep Motion, Nicole Southwell – from United States – Short synopsis: Frontline follows a resilient group of women who use running, friendship, and adventure as their antidote to burnout from working in healthcare. Together, they’re training to trail run Mont Blanc, circumnavigating Europe’s highest peak over 10 days and 112 miles. Their journey is transformative.
WOLF OF WINGSUIT – 3.68 minutes – by Aaron Garcia – from Australia – Short synopsis: In the beautiful and towering mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, a paradise for Wingsuit professionals seeking thrills during the off-season, the lives of two men converge. Avalon, an American Wingsuit pilot, and a Filipino-Australian documentary filmmaker unite to capture Avalon’s audacious quest to leap from the mountainside as many times as humanly possible.
FINDING THE LINE – 12.22 minutes – by Katie Hake – from Colorado, MAINE PREMIERE – Short synopsis: From slicing through rapids in a whitewater kayak to carving into a plate while printmaking, Alexandra “Chachi” Riesco draws lines between geologic forces and her work and play — but following her own line isn’t always easy. As Chachi navigates challenges, her art highlights the importance of our connections to nature.
THE CARETAKER – 12.83 minutes – by Dan Dunn, Josh Bogardus – from United States, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: At the doorstep of Huntington Ravine, sits The Harvard Cabin — a remote respite for ice climbers and backcountry skiers to escape the elements. “The Caretaker” follows the story of Jack Kingsley, who spends his days meticulously observing and documenting the snowfall, weather patterns, and wildlife in the area.
THE CURRIER BROOK – 2.5 minutes – by Caleb N.L. Baker – from Maine, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: This short film is the product of a twelve month process examining the meanderings of a central Maine brook from above.
LOST, GOING EAST – 30.42 minutes – by Charlotte Simons, Gen Liu – from New York – Short synopsis: A man jettisons his life in New Hampshire to run across America and find his own way to live.
TAKE ME TO SKI VENTURE – 14.35 minutes – by Connor David Brady, Josey Brady – from New York – Short synopsis: Ski Venture, a Ski Co-op started in 1937 tucked away in the West Glenville hills of Upstate New York is 110 feet, tow rope accessed, and all natural snow. If an alternative model of skiing is possible here, in this tiny corner of upstate New York, maybe it’s possible elsewhere. After all, skiing has never been just about skiing.

Environmental Stewardship A Screening

GROUNDWORK – COTTON – 15.68 minutes – by Lindsey Hagen – from United States – Short synopsis: Follow as the Kahle family breaks the cycle of generational health issues by revolutionizing their farming practices. Driven by a deep commitment to their family and community’s well-being, the Kahle’s bring revelatory science practices to combat years of problematic, status-quo methods of farming.
SALMON SECRETS – 40.83 minutes – by Jeremy MATHIEU – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: An investigation to understand the impacts of the fish farms industry on the West coast of Vancouver Island
SCARBOROUGH LAND TRUST: OUR FOUNDING STORY – 6.27 minutes – by Abby Wilson – from Maine, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Scarborough Land Trust was founded in 1977. Meet two of the founding members of the trust and learn about how the organization worked to combat the pressures of development.
THE BIRDS & THE BEANS – 11.77 minutes – by Pete Warren – from United States, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Pete Warren tells the story of Zorzal Cacao. Reserva Zorzal turned to organic and sustainable cacao production to fund a protected area designed to help preserve the wintering habitat of one of North America’s rarest birds – the Bicknell’s thrush. Today, Reserva Zorzal and the Bicknell’s thrush are thriving; thanks to the success of Zorzal Cacao.
SAVING SCOTTISH PEARLS – 4.55 minutes – by Eli Matthew Obus – from United Kingdom – Short synopsis: In the Scottish Highlands, freshwater pearl mussels are a particularly prized part of the environment. Julius Caesar invaded Britain to seize the gems, and they even adorn the Crown of Scotland. But poaching and climate change have imperiled the mollusks. Now the likes of environmentalists, hospitality industry players, and whisky distillers are fighting to save the pearl mussels from extinction through an unlikely method: planting trees.
MUSSEL MEMORY – 21.42 minutes – by Nora Long – from Alabama – Short synopsis: MUSSEL MEMORY explores the significance of reconnecting river systems and protecting Alabama’s freshwater mussels, our natural water filtration system. Join scientists, conservationists, engineers and anglers as they fight to restore fish passage along the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers.
A LONG WAY TO NOWHERE – 28.85 minutes – by Vincent DiFrancesco – from Oregon, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: A crew of young Americans endure a week-long traverse of Oregon’s rugged and fire-shapen Kalmiopsis Wilderness in an effort to revitalize a historic hiking trail.

Environmental Stewardship B Screening

WWF – PORTRAIT OF A SEAWEED FARMER ANA BORRERO – 10.2 minutes – by Jeff Siebert – from United States – Short synopsis: Originally from Spain, Ana pivoted her career from the demanding world of academia to become a seaweed farmer with Seaweed Solutions. She’s using her PhD in Marine Science and Technology to help push the industry forward all while achieving an ideal work-life balance for her and her young family.
FROM THE HEARTLAND – 15.37 minutes – by Matt Coddaire – from Colorado – Short synopsis: From the Heartland is a candid depiction of American Agriculture and the rural towns that are reliant on its success. But when an industry’s ability to thrive is dependent on progress, how does the family farm discard the practices that have been passed down through generations to try something new in order to save the land?
MIRASOL, LOOKING AT THE SUN – 36.8 minutes – by Ben Knight – from Colorado, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Water is a finite resource — and an essential one. For farmers, it’s everything. In this poignant new film, award-winning director Ben Knight explores a national issue around water through an intimate portrait of a small community in Pueblo, Colorado, that’s fighting to protect their water, land, and livelihood.
THE CAREIST – 9.93 minutes – by Matthew Boyd Williams – from Montana – Short synopsis: Between the Ohio and Mississippi riverbanks sit the United States’ 15th International Wetland of Importance. Yet, the wetlands today are mere remnants of their original borders. Max Hutchison is a naturalist, ecologist, zoologist, and lifelong voice for preserving the wetlands he also calls home.
UNDER THE WIRE – 27.67 minutes – by Mariah Lundgren – from Colorado – Short synopsis: This is a story about a community of people working together to improve fencelines, so pronghorn and other wildlife can move more freely. It also celebrates the wildlife that call the North Platte River Valley home and the folks living and working on this land to help keep these animals around for generations to come.
TAMA FLINT: A MESKWAKI TRADITION – 27.13 minutes – by Oogie _ Push – from Minnesota, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Tama Flint: A Meskwaki Tradition sheds light on the history, cultural teachings, and modern stories about Meskwaki corn. Both surviving centuries of ice ages and colonization, the Meskwaki and its ancestral corn Tama Flint have enjoyed a unique relationship with profound, lasting impacts on gender politics, economics, and spirituality.

The Hemlock Program

SCHOOL OF FISH – 19.05 minutes – by Colin Arisman, Oliver Sutro – from Colorado – Short synopsis: SCHOOL OF FISH offers an intimate portrait inside one family’s seasonal salmon rituals and their connection to the Bristol Bay Guide Academy, where local youth are empowered through flyfishing to serve as guides and conservationists. Can the next generation step up to defend the most prolific salmon run left on earth?
IAN – 8 minutes – by Matt Raimondo – from Australia, MAINE PREMIERE – Short synopsis: “IAN” is a short cinematic portrayal of the incredible 72-year-old Aussie climbing legend Ian Elliott. Defying age stereotypes, Ian’s prowess challenges societal norms as he scales cliffs with the vigor of climbers half his age, inspiring awe and defying expectations.
SOUNDSCAPE – 14.8 minutes – by Timmy ONeill – from Nevada – Short synopsis: Soundscape shares the sightless experience of climbing a mountain via echo location, touch and imagination. Soundscape features Erik Weihenmayer, a global adventure athlete and author who is fully blind, as he ascends a massive alpine rock face deep in the Sierra Nevada. Using expert camera work and emotive, novel animation to bring to life a concept by adaptive climbing pioneer Timmy ONeill, the film is a surprising and soulful adventure.
THE BLACKCOUNTRY JOURNAL Р9 minutes Рby Mallory R Duncan, Patrick Elmore Рfrom Oregon РShort synopsis: A skier contemplates his connection to skiing and the mountains. As he hurries through the streets of LA, his path takes a turn after bumping into a jazz musician who helps him discover the correlation between jazz and skiing—an expression of art, skiing, and black culture.
WEEKLONG – 3.78 minutes – by Brooke Raines – from California, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: WEEKLONG follows the transformative journey of foster and underserved young adults as they embark on an ambitious mission to summit one of Southern California’s most grueling peaks – San Gorgonio. This deeply human story explores each participant’s inner and outer experiences during their first weeklong backpacking trip led by the nonprofit Foster the Earth.
REFLECTION – 18.53 minutes – by Casey Dubois – from British Columbia, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: After traumatic experiences in competitive gymnastics sparked a decade-long downward spiral, Tori Wood seeks to reconcile and build from her past through her 2023 season of mountain bike racing.
CANADA VERTICAL – 44.62 minutes – by Laurent Poliquin – from Quebec – Short synopsis: This film follows the jounrey Nicolas and Guillaume during their 8 month journey through the Candian wilderness. Known as one of the longest wilderness expeditions in Canadian history they travel by means of skiing, canoeing and cycling, completing an expedition that covers an area equivalent to 19% of the Earth’s circumference.

Winter Jones Screening

RISE WITH JULIETTE WILLMANN – 20 minutes – by Maxime Moulin, Fred Rousseau – from France – Short synopsis: RISE with Juliette Willmann. Juliette Willmann turns the page on the Freeride World Tour for big mountain skiing, a quest for high peaks and images. She tells herself without reserve about her learning process, her sensations, the difficulties and her desires.
UNPAID OVERTIME – 22.6 minutes – by Lucas Gibbons – from Washington – Short synopsis: Unpaid Overtime takes a deeper dive into the professional amateur side of snowboarding. Riders from all walks of life talk about how they support their addiction to snowboarding and why they take the extra step and spend their time traveling the country to film for a snowboard project.
THE DRACONIANS – 30 minutes – by Maxime Moulin – from France – Short synopsis: Why do we make films? Skiers, Sam Favret & Nikolaï Schirmer team up in Norway to find the best mountain lines on a ski touring trip.
THE POLAR STAR – 45 minutes – by Cody Townsend – from California – Short synopsis: The Polar Star Couloir is set in Baffin Island, Canada. The reason to travel thousands of miles through the arctic wilderness, camp for ten days on the surface of the frozen ocean and battle glacial winds is obvious; checking it off the list as Cody Townsend attempts to climb and ski all of the classics it has to offer.

Balsam Fir Screening

SEA TO SUMMIT – 30 minutes – by Alastair Lee – from United Kingdom – Short synopsis: Join the wild bunch of Jacob Cook, Bronwyn Hodgins, Angela Vanwiemeersch, Kelsey Watts and Zack Goldberg-Poch, along with professional film maker Jaron Pham, as they take on a modern day expedition in Greenland kayaking 450km to access ‘Sanderson’s Hope’- an 800m wall rising straight from the Arctic Ocean.
RIVER MAMMA – 10 minutes – by Sarah Hamilton – from United States – Short synopsis: River Mamma – follows Elisha McArthur – a lifelong raft guide and single mom, and her relationship with her teenage goth daughter, Charlotte, who has no interest in rivers at all. It is an intimate portrait of an eclectic family dynamic, teenage angst, and the way the nature can help a mother and daughter reconnect.
A SLAM THAT SAVES – 10.98 minutes – by Bene Meadows – from United States, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: In the Appalachians, there are species of bass found nowhere else on Earth. They are genetically-distinct in dire need of help. A community has rallied around them to champion the species. Join Matt and Mary Beth as they attempt to catch a “Redeye Slam” in one day.
INTO THE BLIND – 10.35 minutes – by Thomas Love – from California, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: A young man’s relentless journey to regain his freedom and pursue his passion. Hunting waterfowl as a recovering quadriplegic, Rob is a reminder to keep striving no matter the obstacle.
BITTER WATER – 14.27 minutes – by Peter Grigsby – from Washington, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: In southern Baja, the Lucero’s lives have been interwoven with fishing for generations. A commercial and subsistence fishery has evolved into a region focused on pesca-tourism with saltwater fly fishing at the core. Bitter Water traces the braided lines of necessity, tradition, and passion at the heart of this story.
CROSSING THE HEIGHT OF LAND, OFF-TRAIL IN THE WILD – 16.35 minutes – by Chris Ozminski – from United States – Short synopsis: Travel on foot through the great white north with a team of expeditioneers. Immerse in wilderness while crossing into the Arctic Watershed, navigating harsh conditions and the approaching winter of life.
TIME EASER, A CLIMBERS LEGACY – 33.88 minutes – by Dominic L Azoto – from New York – Short synopsis: In The 80 and 90 in the Shawangunks NY a traditional climber Rich Romano put up extremely hard dangerous routes, a lot of which have not been repeated. We re re-visit these climbs with a new generation to see if they can be repeated. We also focus on Riches Methods and character which are very unique.

Black Cherry Program

300 MILES MELTING – 24.4 minutes – by Ansel Dickey – from Vermont – Short synopsis: Climate change is our planet’s number one threat. And one of its biggest targets is being overlooked: New England. We set out to make a film that paints this picture in a real and informative way by traveling Vermont’s 300-mile Catamount Trail on skis and learning from brilliant minds along the way.
KNOW TO RUN: YATIKA – 9.97 minutes – by Jordan Marie Whetstone – from Virginia – Short synopsis: When representation is everything, it can make a difference and have a profound impact when community is included in spaces that lack inclusion and diversity.
WINTER’S EVE – 9 minutes – by Max Lowe – from Not Specified – Short synopsis: While many of us associate the winter with darkness, restraint, and lifelessness, polar bears see the opposite. It is a time of vitality and vigor, and the anticipation of hunting and mating can be seen and felt when visiting them as they gaze upon the unfrozen ocean, waiting for it to freeze. Unfortunately, due to global warming, the arctic ice is melting, and the winter is setting on later and later is remarkably shorter, causing an incredible strain on the polar bear population.
NATURE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY – 12 minutes – by Jordyn Romero – from United States – Short synopsis: The story of five women who boldly embark on a ten day trek with total strangers to conquer the iconic Tour du Mont Blanc. Their goal? To heal their past traumas, together. An uplifting tale of reliance, female friendship and the incredible power of using nature and community to heal and forge a brighter future.
CRACK BABY – 14.45 minutes – by Mario Heller – from Switzerland – Short synopsis: On 15 February 1993 at the Breitwangflue above Kandersteg in Switzerland, Xaver Bongard and Michael Gruber made the first ascent of Crack Baby. A year later, Bongard died in a BASE jumping accident. In this film Siegrist and Gruber return to pay homage to Bongard.
IT GOES – 12 minutes – by Jack Knellinger – from Ohio – Short synopsis: Bound by time, a group of Ohio State University students satisfy their hunger for rock climbing by looking to the walls already around them.
RIDE TO SLIDE – 5.9 minutes – by Greg Cairns – from United States – Short synopsis: A skier takes on a solo multi-week bikepacking and ski mountaineering journey. With a simple change of perspective, it turns out our home range is all we need.
DEATH OF THE ETERNALS – 6.57 minutes – by Jane Geisler – from Louisiana, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Using archival film and contemporary digital footage, “Death of the Eternals” places bald cypress felled in the 1920s in conversation with descendants threatened by climate change and continued logging practices. Unfolding in reverse, this experimental horror speaks to the violence perpetrated on the land then and now in the name of capitalism.
DESCENDANCE – 35 minutes – by Michael Haunschmidt, Mathias Kögel – from Austria – Short synopsis: DESCENDANCE is Dennis’ story: the story of a kid who, in the town where he was born and raised, had to answer the question, “Where are you really from?” It’s a story of identity, everyday racism and self-discovery, as Dennis seeks to define himself not only as a skier, but as a Black man who’s spent his life in predominantly white spaces.

Cedar Screening

THE NORTH FACE PRESENTS: EARTHSIDE – 33.2 minutes – by Kaki Orr, Rob Wassmer – from United States – Short synopsis: In 2022, Hilaree Nelson, Emily Harrington, Christina Lustenburger, and Brette Harrington embarked on an expedition above the Arctic circle with a vision to climb and ski first descents on Baffin Island. What they found was a celebration of where they’ve been and of where they’re going – and the trip’s success was contingent not on what they skied but the time they had together.
JOJO – A TOAD MUSICAL – 9 minutes – by Chelsea J Jolly, David Herasimtschuk – from Oregon – Short synopsis: JOJO celebrates a creative and musical portrait of JoJo Nyaribo, a young nature lover and wildlife advocate as he explores the meaning of biodiversity and stewardship in his own backyard. This story weaves together Jojo’s love for the natural world with his journey in learning about and fighting against a specific fungus that has been wiping out a staggering number of amphibians around the globe.
DOLLY’S SONG – 12.4 minutes – by Sarah Hamilton – from Colorado, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Dolly’s Song is a 13 minute documentary following retired trailbuilder Dolly Chapman as she passes on the art of the crosscut saw. She never had a mentor herself and is looking to give that to the next generation of stewards.
SEVEN PHASES OF MADNESS – 6.78 minutes – by Zacharie Turgeon – from Quebec – Short synopsis: Welcome aboard the rollercoaster that is Mathos’ twisted mind while experiencing yet another journey on a gravel bike. Mad or not mad? Yours to judge.
FREELAND ~ A WHITE GRASS STORY – 30.73 minutes – by Justin Harris – from West Virginia, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: The film focuses on nordic skiing at the iconic White Grass Ski Area, and the mountain’s relationship to the Blackwater River kayaking community. The Blackwater links the two communities, and its water is the lifeblood of both cultures. This documentary explores the ephemeral nature of the sport of nordic skiing and whitewater creek boating in West Virginia.
4DWN – 17 minutes – by Danny J Schmidt – from Utah, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: 4DWN tells the unconventional and deeply personal story of a South Dallas skatepark whose mission is to change the lives of everyone who walks through the gate. The 4DWN skatepark is a resilience hub rooted in skate culture, tackling the challenges of food insecurity and social justice in one of the city’s poorest communities.
BEYOND NORMAL – 28 minutes – by Anna Wilder Burns, Jordyn Romero – from Massachusetts – Short synopsis: Beyond Normal chronicles the journey of professional surfer Becca Speak as she fights her way back to the water after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The film is an intimate portrait of self-discovery and a vulnerable look into the gravity of the injury.

Saturday, 7/27 – The Yellow Birch Shorts Block at Maine Studio Works (Big Room)
THE BEE – 6.93 minutes – by Kim Lowe – from Massachusetts – Short synopsis: Bill Perkins is a beekeeper in Boston who shares his knowledge and love of bees with his community, much like a bee spreading pollen.
WHITNEY: A SHORT FILM – 5.88 minutes – by John Jenkins – from United States, WORLD PREMIERE – Short synopsis: A brief chance opportunity to climb the highest peak in the lower 48 United States as told by someone just interested in testing themselves. Just to try and do something difficult.
PEOPLE LIKE US – 23 minutes – by Ryan-Paul Collins – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Ryan Collins explores the implications of being a gay man in Revelstoke, BC, while seeking to frame a larger picture of queer life in a mountain small-town. After moving to Revelstoke in 2020 to work in the mountain sports industry, Ryan felt welcomed, building a strong friend group and work opportunities. Despite this warm reception, he started to feel that there was something missing, a connection with people like him.
THE DANCE CARD – 12.2 minutes – by Brandon Lavoie – from United States – Short synopsis: A father and his daughter gear up to compete in a unique race known as the Ride & Tie World Championship for the first time in six years. Whether riding their horse, Coda, or running through the woods, this father/daughter duo is determined to set records while strengthening their everlasting bond.
UAPISHKA – 28 minutes – by Marie France L’Ecuyer – from Canada, UNITED STATES PREMIERE – Short synopsis: In the depths of winter, a group of young Innu and non-indigenous adventurers attempt to cross the vast Uapishka Mountains on snowshoes, in complete autonomy.
HEY JUDE – 10.87 minutes – by Jared Ziegler – from New York, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Dodging barges on the Ohio River since the 70’s, a Pittsburgh-native slalom skier whose age holds no bouldaries for her love of the water continues her annual tradition of skiing every day she can
ETERNAL FLAME – 26 minutes – by bossard nicolas – from France, MAINE PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Éric Jamet and Antoine Pecher have achieve the feat of jumping from the top of Nameless Tower in Pakistan (6200m) after having climbed the Eternal Flame route, These experiences combine the most beautiful climbing routes in the world with the opening of one of the most beautiful jumps in BASE Jump imaginable.
CARVED FROM STONE – 10.75 minutes – by Tyler Burr – from New Brunswick, UNITED STATES PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Brooke Carten has been rock climbing for long enough that it’s hard to imagine who she’d be if it weren’t for climbing’s influence on her life… But in what ways has this sport has influenced her? What are the pieces of Brooke’s personality that have been carved from the stone?
JUST START – 7.3 minutes – by Will Floor – from Utah, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Madeline, a trail runner, triumphs over childhood trauma through running, using her past as fuel to promote joy over perfection.

Poplar Screening

A LINE IN THE SNOW – 14.03 minutes – by Ryan Rumpca – from United States – Short synopsis: A Line in the Snow follows professional arctic explorer Annie Aggens and her two daughters on a dog sledding winter camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The group learns valuable life and wilderness skills powered only by their own two feet and a team of four-legged friends.
THE ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE – 12.32 minutes – by John Concillo – from Oregon, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Most likely, a young person today in the U.S. will finish high school and not know of William O. Douglas. For anyone familiar with his legacy, this is insupportable. His ideas and philosophies are fundamental wellsprings for a genuinely democratic society. The thoughts and values expressed by Justice Douglas should be passed on to a new generation and reiterated to all U.S. citizens.
RANGE RIDER – 29.52 minutes – by Colin Arisman – from Vermont – Short synopsis: As wolves repopulate Washington State, conflict is heating up with rural ranching communities. Range rider Daniel Curry’s job is to patrol wild areas on horseback, creating a buffer between wolves and the cattle herds that graze on public lands.
THE ANNIVERSARY Р10.75 minutes Рby Olivier Loubières Рfrom United States, WORLD PREMIERE РShort synopsis: While canoeing in an enchanting landscape, a young woman makes a discovery that will shape the course of her life.
THE WORLD IS OURS – 21.45 minutes – by Nadia Louis-Desmarchais – from Quebec – Short synopsis: THE WORLD IS OURS documents the opportunity given to six Montreal teenage girls to leave their urban environment to take part in a nature canoe-camping expedition. By presenting their struggles and small victories, the film poetically and luminously embraces their vulnerability, emphasizing in broad strokes the power of female sisterhood and therapeutic intervention by nature.
BACK TO CAMP 41 – 22.67 minutes – by Greg Hemmings – from Canada – Short synopsis: On December 25, 2021, the world lost one of its greatest scientists and the “godfather of biodiversity,” Dr. Thomas Lovejoy. Join his family and several of his closest friends and colleagues on an educational journey and heartfelt mission of love and hope as they travel together to return Dr. Lovejoy’s ashes to the magical place he devoted his life to understanding and protecting, the Amazon rainforest.
RHYTHM OF WATER – 19.13 minutes – by Dean Leslie – from Rhode Island, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Through a beautifully choreographed fusion of sailing, freediving, and skiing, “Rhythm of Water” aims to ignite, provoke, and captivate us, prompting a fresh perspective on our world, our water, and our choices.

Cedar Screening

WWF – PORTRAIT OF A SEAWEED FARMER NICK MANGINI – 9.5 minutes – by Jeff Siebert – from United States – Short synopsis: Nick Mangini is a Kelp farmer from Kodiak Alaska. He has been farming kelp since the infancy of Alaska’s budding industry.
WITH THE TIDE – 25.33 minutes – by Chelsea J Jolly – from Alaska – Short synopsis: Set in the remote village of Yakutat, Alaska, “With the Tide” follows the youth of the Tlingit tribe as they further explore their relationship to the ocean, themselves, and the expanse of isolated wilderness they call home. Over the span of four years, this story documents the exploration of how surfing can increase health, wellness and value for nature in a community that is constantly facing layers of adversity and the challenges of geographic isolation.
MODIFY – 15 minutes – by Vasu Sojitra, Jessica Jane Hart – from Montana – Short synopsis: Three athletes with different disabilities gather in the backcountry to enjoy the snow and share their experiences of living in a world that has been conditioned to exclude them.
CABIN – 4 minutes – by Mason Flint – from Washington, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: A teenager takes a visit to the valley in which rests his grandfather’s cabin. He explores the surroundings while reflecting on the cabin’s origins and its sacredness to him and his family. His meditations conclude with a note of gratitude for those who created this beautiful space.
23.4 DEGREES – 10 minutes – by Jeff Thomas – from British Columbia – Short synopsis: Journey with professional skier Anna Segal across the valleys, forests, boulder fields and mountain summits of British Columbia, as she explores her affinity with seasonal change, and the role it plays in connecting our modern lifestyle to the natural world.
WAVES FOR HOPE – 6.62 minutes – by Juliette Sutherland – from Maine – Short synopsis: A non profit in rural Trinidad helps at-risk youths through free-diving and water-sports.
ECHDOE – 4.68 minutes – by Gwen Kathryn Thomson – from United Kingdom – Short synopsis: Following a life-changing climbing fall, Cheryl is told she might never walk again, launching her on a journey to heal the trauma of that day and testing her inner-resilience to the limits. Echdoe follows her anxious return to the quarry years later, where this time, she intends to get to the top.
RESISTANCE CLIMBING – 37 minutes – by Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Zachary Barr – from Not Specified – Short synopsis: In the strife-torn hills of Palestine, a diverse crew of Bedouins, dirtbags and urban professionals embraces climbing as a much-needed respite from the burdens of the Israeli occupation. American writer & climber Andrew Bisharat visits the West Bank to explore his own roots and the power of climbing to transform lives.

YAMNUSKA: THE RAGGED EDGE – 58.82 minutes – by John Price – from Alberta – Short synopsis: Follow two modern day adventurers as they embark on a rock climbing journey through time, celebrating the rich history and folklore of one of Canada’s most iconic climbing cliffs and paying homage to the colourful characters who have etched their names into its vertical walls since the 1950s.
THE SCALE OF HOPE – 67.1 minutes – by Josh “Bones” Murphy – from California – Short synopsis: THE SCALE OF HOPE follows former Obama White House Climate Advisor, Molly Kawahata, as she prepares for a climb in the Alaska Range while struggling with mental illness and working to create a new climate narrative framed around systemic change and hope.
THE BUZZ ON NATIVE PLANTS – 50.7 minutes – by Tara Roberts Zabriskie – from Maine, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis: The Buzz on Native Plants explores the relationship between native plants and pollinators and how they can benefit local ecosystems in our ever changing climate.
SILVICOLA – 80 minutes – by Jean-Philippe Marquis – from Quebec, NEW ENGLAND PREMIERE – Short synopsis:
SAILAU – 60 minutes – by Thor F Jensen – from Australia – Short synopsis: Danish explorer and director Jensen and three Papuan sailors embark on their world-first attempt to circumnavigate the island of New Guinea, all in a traditional Papuan sailing canoe. As they navigate through treacherous waters, they must overcome their differences and work together to avoid bewitched reefs, evade crushing waves, and survive the dangerous northwest monsoon.
CHAMPIONS OF THE GOLDEN VALLEY – 80 minutes – by Ben Sturgulewski – from Colorado – Short synopsis: Bamyan, Afghanistan is again on the edge of a great change. Skiing has been introduced to the area. Two teenage potato farmers from rival ethnic groups vie for the crown of a ski race, led by a local Olympic-hopeful coach who sees a deeper truth in the sport as a tool for building camaraderie and resiliency.
ULTIMATE CITIZENS – 52 minutes – by Francine Strickwerda – from Washington – Short synopsis: In ULTIMATE CITIZENS, Jamshid is an Iranian who came to study in 1970’s America, and due to the Revolution, never went “home.” As a guidance counselor in Seattle Public Schools, his best work takes place with frisbee in hand on the playing field with “his kids,” the children of refugees and immigrants.
END TO END SVALBARD – 93.58 minutes – by Moritz Krause – from Germany – Short synopsis: End to End Svalbard is an immersive and captivating documentary film that chronicles the remarkable 40-day expedition of a team of seven adventurers as they journey across Spitsbergen, from South to North, battling extreme weather, treacherous terrains, and their own physical and mental limits.
THE HERMIT OF TREIG – 80 minutes – by Lizzie MacKenzie – from United Kingdom – Short synopsis: Scottish BAFTA 22 Winner Single Documentary- After 40 years of solitude, a spirited elderly hermit opens his life to young female director as he tackles ill health, a declining memory, and questions whether he can live out his last years in the wilderness he calls home.
WE WALKED UNDER THE EARTH – 52 minutes – by ALEX LOPEZ – from France, UNITED STATES PREMIERE – Short synopsis: Human beings have always had an insatiable need to explore their environment, whether through space, underwater, alpine or underground conquests. Punctuated by images and stories of their exploration. This film traces the attempt of Cédric Lachat and David Parrot to join the abyss of the Fromagère with the mythical Berger abyss.
MEKO – 62.1 minutes – by Harrison Buck – from California – Short synopsis: A film 7-years in the making, Meko is the story of man and community who have weathered the storm. Join filmmaker Harrison Buck on an in-depth look into the macro-effects of climate change on delicate coastal communities like the Bahamas Outer Islands through the lens of legacy fly fishing guide and angler Omeko Glinton.
SAVING WALDEN’S WORLD – 90 minutes – by James S Merkel, Deborah Shaffer – from Maine – Short synopsis: When a young arms dealer discovers his work is harming families in less affluent societies, he has an ethical crisis and begins a decades-long journey to redeem himself and make the world a better place.
THE GHOST TRAP – 105 minutes – by James Khanlarian – from United States – Short synopsis: As Jamie, a young lobsterman, rehabilitates his girlfriend after an accident on his boat, his life begins to fall apart. Not only are his lobster traps sabotaged, prompting a turf war on the water, but he is also falling in love with a new girl.