2020 MOFF Official Selection

About This Project


Liz Haan

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Filming Location:

United States

Filmmaker Origin:

United States


In one of the whitest cities in the USA, a queer African American woman disrupts the outdoor adventurer stereotype.

Thoughts from the filmmaker:

Our Trails Too is more than a hero’s journey.
Portland, Oregon is an epicenter of natural beauty and outdoor recreation; however, marginalized folx don’t feel nearly as welcome in outdoor spaces as cis-het, thin white people do. What feels special about Mercy’s leadership goes beyond her audacious drive. Her work to transform the outdoors is community-focused and – by design – it’s a subversion of the oppressive structures within which we exist.
From a creative perspective, I took inspiration from these themes in the structural approach to the narrative. It was the goal of our team to invite the audience into an experience that reflects a journey of thoughtful pattern-disruption toward healing.

This film to be screened at:

8/02/20 – Early Show – Thompson’s Point – Portland

2020, 8/2 Thompsons Point Early Show