2019 MOFF Selection

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Craig Muderlak

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For paraplegic, Enock Glidden, the strength to do 3,000 pull-ups was not enough to climb El Capitan; He needed the power of a community of climbers dedicated to making his dream a reality.

From the Filmmaker:

Enock and I met and became friends through Paradox Sports where I volunteered over the years. It took us over 17 hours and more than 15 volunteers to get Enock off the summit of El Cap (a descent that takes 3 or less hours for an able bodied climber). Many of the people who helped Ecock to the base of the climb and off the summit were strangers who we met last minute in Yosemite and volunteered their time and energy to assist Enock.

This film to be screened at:

8/30/2019 – Rangeley Lakeside Theater – Rangeley – (FB Event)

2019, 8/30 Rangeley